8 Things Married Men Should Do Around Single Ladies

8 Things Married Men Should Do Around Single Ladies

It’s no news that single ladies go after other women’s husband. It’s happening everywhere, not only in the lives of young married men but also in the life of men old enough to be the single lady’s father.

The pressure from single ladies is more if you’re good looking, handsome and very rich.

The single ladies will say, all the good men are all taken.

These men end up falling in love with these ladies, abandoning their wives and responsibilities to their families.

Some of the men don’t plan for this to happen but it happens. It all starts little by little and they feel they are in charge and can stop the affair with the single lady at any time. But before they know it, they are deep into the relationship and can’t back out.

Why would a single (or even attached) woman chase after a married man when she knows that he has a wife. Maybe, it's because these women love a challenge, the drama involved, no strings attached, or simply the thrill of sin. It might even be due to lack of contentment, like they say the food on someone else's plate always looks (and sometimes tastes) better than what you're having.

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Some of these single ladies are very persistent. No matter how hard you try, they just keep coming on to you even when they know you are married.

What can a married do around single ladies to let them know he is off limits and is not interested in any extra-marital affair? Below are some tips that might be of help.

1. Always keep your ring on: A lady might not know you are already married if you don’t have your ring on. So always have your ring on your finger so the single ladies will know you are already taken, though sometimes these ladies see the ring but ignore it and go after the man.

2. Always talk about your lovely wife and family: Your family should be your first priority wherever you are. Always divert the conversation to your wife and children. Make the single lady undrestand you are blessed to have a lovely wife and children, who you adore. Drum it into her ears that no woman can take the place of your wife. The ladies you meet everyday should be no match for your wife.

3. Never send conflicting signals: Your no should your no. You should be firm and straight forward with words. Never try to be too pleasing. Don’t play Mr. Nice guy because you might be sending the wrong signal.

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4. Display photos of your wife and family: In your place of work, hang fun and beautiful photos of your wife on the walls. Display romantic photos of you two on the table. Keep changing these photos to recent one as time goes on, to keep the people around you updated about how strong your marriage is growing.

5. Call your wife: Whenever the lady comes around, pick up your phone and call your wife. Say all the ‘sweet nonsense’ to her. Call her all the lovely and romantic names in the world. Let this single lady know you really love your wife and have no space for another lady.

Always keep conversations short and simple: If you are around single ladies, learn to be careful with your words. Your conversation should be short and simple. Be polite in your conversation but very careful. If need be, don’t forget to chip in things about your wife while you’re having friendly chat.

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6. Eye contact should be short: Do not allow your eyes travel or linger on places it shouldn’t. You know that you might fall into temptation when your eyes keep staring where it shouldn’t. Keep the eye contact short, decisive and move on.

7. Avoid certain places: As a married man, you should avoid being in lonely places with single ladies. Like they say, “the devil works in mysterious ways”. Do not allow yourself to be used. The bible says flee from every appearance of evil.

8. Arrange a meeting: some ladies can be pretty persuasive. You could arrange a meeting where your wife is present and then introduce both women. Let your wife know this is the lady that wants to break your home. Hopefully, this will stop the single lady from harassing you.

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As a married man, you must remember that these ladies have got nothing to lose, but on your own part, you have so much at stake. If you can remember this, no matter the pressure from the single ladies, you will refuse to fall into temptation.

Don’t be accessory to cheating, stay away from married men.

You can add some of your own tips in the comment section, you just might be helping a married man in need.


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