AAAN Unveils 16th LAIF Awards, Celebrates Creatives Across Advertising, Movies, Music and Arts Industry

AAAN Unveils 16th LAIF Awards, Celebrates Creatives Across Advertising, Movies, Music and Arts Industry

This year, the 16th edition of the Lagos Advertising and Ideas Festival (LAIF) Awards returns to celebrate creative ideas across the spectrum.

From those who crafted creative campaigns that wowed us to those who made viral challenges that engaged us, the ovation is loudest and the spotlight is set for you to step forward and be celebrated.

The event which will feature a live audience and virtual streaming is scheduled to hold on Saturday, November 27, 2021.

AAAN Unveils 16th LAIF Awards, Celebrates Creatives Across Advertising, Movies, Music and Arts Industry

This edition will not only recognize and reward creativity and innovation in the advertising industry but also creatives across the spectrum; in movies, music, art, as well as social media influencers that have broken new grounds with their ideas and creativity.

Speaking at the press conference held at the AAAN secretariat, the Chairman, LAIF Management Board, Mr Lanre Adisa, announced that the theme for this year’s award “We Made It” is a double entendre speaking on the effect of Covid-19 and how the industry has survived and also celebrating the creative outputs and ideas that have seen us through this period.

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The LAIF Awards is an international status award that has continuously promoted Nigeria’s creative potential in the international circle as well as recognised outstanding creativity and created an avenue for the celebration of world-class ideas. This year, we will be celebrating ideas and creativity that not only gave us great marketing outcomes but also changed and transformed how we engage and are entertained.

LAIF Awards will extend its recognition to other creative sectors that have trailblazed through content creation and also transformed lives in our society”.

The President of the Association, Mr Steve Babaeko, in his remarks, further emphasized the commitment of the association to ensuring the highest standards in the entire process as well as fulfilling a mission to drive inclusion of other creative sectors to grow and solidify our contribution to the economy in Nigeria and West Africa at large.

Similar to the last edition, activities of the awards will be carried out on the online portal. Advertising agencies are to submit entries through this portal and jurors will be working remotely to judge each category through their profiles. The members of the jury will be representatives of the industry that will create a fair and balanced atmosphere for judging the LAIF entries.

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As part of the LAIF Awards activities, the LAIF Management Board will be organising a virtual seminar to share and discuss interesting topics in two sessions. The webinar will hold on Friday, November 18, 2021.

This year’s edition will also have a new award category that will recognize “Authentic African Stories” amongst the entries. This will be a special category that will identify and celebrate authentic African stories that break the mould in brand building.

Participation in the LAIF Awards will also be extended to agencies in Ghana with the hope of including other West African countries in the nearest future.



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