Fela Durotoye will run for President in 2019

Fela Durotoye will run for President in 2019

Fela Durotoye for president! The professional consultant, life coach, speaker and entrepreneur has announced his candidacy for 2019 elections. The official confirmation was provided to the press on Thursday, the 22th of February.

Fela Durotoye

Fela Durotoye for president 2019: candidate’s speech

He said that the construction of a worthy future for Nigeria is the main goal of his life and enumerated the projects that he implemented with the support of the government:

"As you may already know, over the last 13 years, I have committed my life and resources to doing all I can to build a New Nigeria that would be the most desirable Nation to live in by December 31, 2025. From nation building projects like Mushin Makeover (which was recorded as the largest non-governmental urban renewal project in Africa’s history), to raising the standard of education in our schools and higher institutions through projects & initiatives, to helping our young people across our nation Deliver The Future to corporate transformation projects and most importantly championing the largest non-governmental Values Infusion project through the 10 lifestyle personal creed that we share together on this network that has now been endorsed and actively promoted by a multitude of Nigerians across all gender, tribe, social class or religious affirmation."

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Durotoye emphasized that the full potential of the state can be realized only if the authorities constantly maintain order. Lack of the proper management leads to chaos.

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Fela Durotoye will run for President in 2019

Here's what he said about the need for change and his political position:

"This is why it became important for us to set up the RUNNING FOR A NEW NIGERIA platform, where we galvanize a critical mass of people who would participate in the governance process either by VOTING or BEING VOTED FOR at the 2019 General Elections & beyond. In line with our Values one of which is to “BE A ROLE MODEL WORTHY OF EMULATION”, I had to decide to get involved in the political arena rather than staying on the sidelines and only challenging others to go in."

Durotoye believes that the two leading parties in Nigeria can’t pull the country out of the difficult situation in which it is now. Both sides work in the spirit of the "godfather" and they lack order.

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Fela Durotoye

Over the past few months, Durotoye explored the ideology and strategies of various Nigerian parties to find the structure that best fits his worldview. As a result, he has chosen a party that he likes because of deep democratic principles, and it is Alliance for a new Nigeria (ANN). He believes that the party was created by real professionals with wisdom and great political insight.

Durotoye asked all who hears to pray for divine mercy and wisdom, called on voters not to be indifferent and to take part in the actions of the political arena. In turn, he promises to protect interests of his electorate as a direct representative of the Nigerian people. So the new Nigeria will receive its worthy government.

Fela Durotoye will run for President

The fight for Nigerian presidency is approaching day by day. Whoever is the future president of Nigeria we hope that he will restore order in the country. If intentions of Durotoye are pure and strategies are effective, good luck to him!

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