May you not end your days in any position like Donald Trump

May you not end your days in any position like Donald Trump

As Donald Trump's tenure as the president of the United States of America comes to an end, many people in the world have turned his turbulent presidency to prayer points.

Aanu Adegun, a journalist with reveals the prayer point you can make from the president's last days in office.

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Donald Trump is a man who defied expectations to become the presient of the greatest nation on earth. Trump respects no one. He does terrible things no any other person would have done and get away with it.

His social media antics is number one. Whoever croses him is in trouble. He spares no one. But days before the expiration of his tenure as the number one man in the United States of America, his turbulent legacy is about to implode.

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Many of his key supporters in the Republican party have rebuked him for the role he played in inciting violence at the capitol.

May you not end your days in any position like Donald Trump
The days of Donald Trump as US president is gradually coming to an end, reporter reveals a prayer you can make with his legacy. Photo: Donald Trump
Source: Getty Images

Millions of people just want him out of office. He his like a sore no one likes. Even, Twitter has decided to ban him from using their platform.

Joe Biden called him an embarrassment. Millions of people around the world are mocking America. World leaders are having a good laugh. He has effectively tarnished the image of America.

Even though some people believe he has done well for the United States of America, Donald Trump's end is something no one will like to have.

Based on this, my prayer for you is that your days in any position will not end like that of Donald Trump.

And if you want to, you can pray like this: God, lord of heaven and earth, please don't let me end my days in any position like that of President Donald Trump. Don't let me use my hand to destroy what I built.

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