Richest church in the world in 2018

Richest church in the world in 2018

Which is the richest church in the world? We all know that churches are established to worship God. A church provides a direct link between the higher powers and people asking for help. However, at present, you can see not only churches but also many organizations that teach the Bible and honor Jesus Christ. So, which is the richest church in the world in 2018? Read the article to keep up with the news.

Richest in the world in 2018

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Are you among those people who visit the church to thank God for all the good he gives you, to ask for help or search for spiritual support? Then, perhaps you have already noticed that some churches function thanks to people’s donations, while the other ones have additional sources of income. Furthermore, they possess not only lots of money but also large properties, production, and lands.

In this article, you will discover the name of the wealthiest religious organization in the world in 2018.

The richest church in the whole world now

Undoubtedly, we all have heart about the power of the Catholic Church, whose roots go far in the past, to the times of Aristotle. In the previous year, it headed the rating the Richest Church in the World 2018. The time goes by. Things get changed. However, the most powerful organization still keeps the leading position being the wealthiest church in the world.

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Why is it so wealthy? Remind that the heart of this religion is set in the Vatican. It is also called “a city in the city” with its own rules, way of life and sources of income. Furthermore, this small city is the beginning for many Christian churches we see today.

Catholic religion

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The Catholic Church possesses:

  • The greatest artworks;
  • Gold deposits;
  • Billions of dollars;
  • Income from tourism;
  • Annual government funding;
  • Catholic Church Insurance;
  • Its internal banks;
  • Schools, nursing houses, presbyteries, hospitals, offices, parishes, tennis courts, mobile phone towers, etc. (1,800 properties in total);
  • Governs a staff of 220,000 people (just in Australia);
  • Regular income from its members around the world.

Furthermore, according to the data provided by, the investigation held by a Fairfax investigation team reveals that the Catholic Church owns tens of billions of dollars, buildings, and lands, which are worth more than $30 billion only in Australia. Just stop for a while and think how much wealth and real estate does this organization owns in the rest of the countries worldwide!

Besides, for some countries, the Catholic Church is the only provider of education, healthcare, and social services.

You will probably ask “Who heads the richest church”? The head of the Catholic Church is the Pope, whose residence is set in the Vatican and protected by the Swiss Papal Guard. The official name of his headquarters is in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Roman Catholic

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One couldn’t state whether it is a coincidence or not, but the richest religious organization owns the largest church building in the entire world! It is a massive building with a long history that amazes at first glance with its unique architecture and ancient monuments. Furthermore, its wealth exceeds the budget of many countries!

At present, the Roman Catholic Church is the biggest and richest religious organization in the world. It has thousands of followers in each country worldwide. Furthermore, it is a colossal treasury that keeps not only secrets of antiquity but also the most significant artworks of Renaissance period, gold, various artifacts, and the ancient writings the access to which is forbidden for average people.

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