Bisa Kdei - Meka ft Fameye: video, lyrics, reactions

Bisa Kdei - Meka ft Fameye: video, lyrics, reactions

The famous Ghanaian artist is back with his brand-new Bisa Kdei – Meka song accompanied by an official music video. The hot track will set your blood on fire. Moreover, you will feast your eyes on the beautiful visuals mindfully selected for you.

This time, the Ghanaian star teams up with his fellow singer Fameye to create this banger. The result of their collaborative work is really impressive.

Bisa Kdei - Meka ft Fameye song description

  • Song release date: June 19, 2019
  • Video released: July 23, 2019
  • Format: mp3, video
  • Genre: Highlife, Afrobeat
  • Length: 3:16 min
  • Label: Crux Global/MOVES Recordings
  • Producer(s): Poppin Beatz

Each sound of the record proves that the musicians have worked hard to create it. The track has unparalleled beats. Its tune is easily recognizable. The voices of the artists complement each other beautifully. Moreover, the music video emphasizes the splendor of the song. This single deserves to be the next ultimate banger.

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Bisa Kdei - Meka ft Fameye song reviews and comments

People are ecstatic about hearing the two singers in one song. They leave only praising comments about this track. Here is what YouTube users say about it:

  • Everything was on point. Fameye never disappoints. — @IYKE Iyke
  • Two favorites on a song. — @Jeffrey Danso
  • The intro is even electrifying. — @Dennis Akenteng
  • I love this song. It's great!!! — @Nieves Marques Show
  • Dope collaboration. Big thanks to senior man Bisa for putting Fameye on. — @nana yaw

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  • Good one there. Bisa Kdei never disappoints us! — @Adwoa Gemfuaa
  • Bisa is such a gem! — @Aaron Dartey
  • Legendary collabo. Bisa Kdei is a great talent, so as Fameye. — @thatboy kalusha
  • We keep on repeating this video. — @Pandicta A
  • Fameye’s voice is so magical. This is a jam. — @Lmao FarisBill Videos
  • Your song makes me feel good. — @LINDA MAHOUMAN YAO

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Bisa Kdei - Meka ft Fameye lyrics

Bisa Kdei - Meka
Image:, @bisakdeiworld
Source: UGC



aaah huuh

Ebi Fameye Charlie ee

We are more than more than aah huh


Afira kumaah ee

Ohemaa ee

Ye ko ntokwa nso me ma die ye obaa simaa

Paa arora me die nie

Maa Kunado, wo ba no akyere me oo

I tried not to miss you too much when you are away

Wo nti everyday ye Holiday

Me ne wo mienu

Me nkasa ntia wo da

Odo nka me nu me ho

I never go cheat on you i never

Nti so me mu na me ho nye

Me logoligi aah odo


Me nka? Me ka

Me nka? Me ka

Me nka? Me ka

Me nka? (X2)


Menka nkyere omo naano asem na wo ka kyere me no

Me nka nkyere omo se wo si men ye mano

Komu na yen fa ye ho

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Nso odo mano ntumi nda

Me nya hu this kind of love, yea

Wa ma me chance to love you more and more

Wa tolerate me nonsense naa wa ye bera


Nti Me nka?

Me ka Me nka?

Me ka Me nka?

Wo do no mo do no

Mre nka nso se, wo ho se me si me tri asi a,

na asaasi aka bibi akyere

Ede wa kyere me

Wa ka bibi akyere me

Afia nyansa, se wo ni asaasi


Me nka?

Me ka Me nka?

Me ka Me nka?

Me ka Me nka? (X2)

Me nka aaah huh

Me nka?


Victoria, no fi keep your secret oo

Fa me boni kye me oo

Nokure no se, your love be too sweet oo

Harh na asem ben ni

Firi mbire a me nhyiaa

Wo ekwan bi abie

Haaa tinana pampana

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I kai the day i see you for one corner

Me nhyia wo a, anka when koraa na

Wey go treat me well, anka me nko me da

Nti odo ye wo eee

Ye taa mu aa ko si atemuda

Nobody go fi take you away

You know say na you be my bae


Nti meka

Meka akyere amansan se aa Oh yeah

Obia ni ho a oni wo se nti meka

Meka aah oo

Meka aah

Meka aah oo

Meka aah


Me nka?

Me ka Me nka?

Me ka Me nka?

Me ka Me nka? (X2)


Kwaku Maame twa me perming

Me nma me girl no sika na twa me perming, perming,

Gurry, gur..ry

Eto wo nsa mo aa fire me

Nia wo be ye me bia me pe oo

Afira kumaah eee,sika

Nyinaa beto ntoma ashe wo oo

Me Girl no ye bad

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Bisa Kdei - Meka ft Fameye song download

If you like the track and want to add it to your playlist, you can easily download it by following the links provided below:

  • Bisa Kdei - Meka ft Fameye download on Google Play
  • Bisa Kdei - Meka ft Fameye download on Apple Music
  • Bisa Kdei - Meka ft Fameye download on Spotify
  • Bisa Kdei - Meka ft Fameye download on SoundCloud

Bisa Kdei - Meka ft Fameye is a hot jam that will melt your heart. What do you think about it? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends. Stay tuned for more updates about your favourite musicians.

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