The 4 types of temperament and their meaning

The 4 types of temperament and their meaning

While every person is different and unique, some of us are more prone to particular actions and feelings. Understanding the 4 types of temperament and their meaning can explain human behaviour in many life situations, our reactions to various things and towards other people.

The four types of temperament and their meaning

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It is curious how human temperament defines a person. Some of us have inner fears, can be too anxious or quickly get depressed when we meet serious obstacles or face problems. Others have a broad smile on their faces, boast a quick reaction and efficiently deal with severe issues in similar situations.

What is temperament

It is our human nature, although the alterations in behaviour are inherent to both people and animals.

Temperament has a biological background. It is ‘built’ into every being and explains the reactions at the psychological levels. It mostly does not depend on our attitude, educational values, and ethical qualities.

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Types of temperament and their characteristics

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People who can understand human nature have better chances to improve their life, change behaviour and attitudes towards unpleasant things, learn how to build long-lasting relationships with others and become more productive to reach life goals.

According to Psycologia website, there are 4 main types of temperament, and each has its unique meaning.

1. Sanguine temperament

Sanguine and its meaning

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The companies and friends love people with such nature. Their optimistic views on life, happy-go-lucky character and winning attitude towards everything that surrounds them makes them the queens and kings of any party.

However, many of the people who cannot live without a gathering or going out to have some fun are free in their spirits. They are not fans of commitments, and it is often impossible to rely on them in critical life situations.

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It is complicated for real sanguines to focus their attention on something and not be distracted by something else. They often act impulsively while shopping, in private life and education. Once people with sanguine temperament get bored with something, they find a different attraction and seek pleasure in something new.

They can be talented in art, sports, fashion but they can face significant problems with self-discipline.

2. Phlegmatic temperament

Phlegmatic and its meaning

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Being wonderful friends with easy-going character and great desire to help others, people with a phlegmatic temperament like to stay in their zone of comfort and peace. They are often the first ones to apologise. They do not like stresses and do everything to avoid spending even a small amount of time in the atmosphere of anxiety.

Humans with phlegmatic nature often experience issues with making decisions. They cannot stay organised and require pressure to complete tasks and show great results.

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Understanding how the world is built and how it is not always too friendly, such people can build incredible careers in social spheres, teaching industry, nursing and other professional spheres that are dealing with many people.

3. Melancholy temperament

Melancholy as a type of temperament and its meaning

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Melancholics believe in the power of traditions carried from generation to generation. For example, people of this nature have low chances of moving abroad or finding a second half among foreign men or women. They do not like to take risks.

People with a melancholy temperament are excellent family members, although they often lack self-confidence. At the same time, their talents and efficiency can be impressive. They like everything to be in its order. Thus melancholics can build an exciting career, become great managers and workers in administration.

Sometimes melancholics idealise everything too much instead of seeing the reality and getting into incredible adventures.

4. Choleric temperament

Choleric type

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Such people usually love their work a lot. They are natural leaders with strong self-confidence and independent character. They are good at setting up life goals and doing everything to reach them. Their level of self-motivating is exceptionally high.

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Men and women with choleric temperament are good at becoming bosses, but they are not the best companions. Their qualities of a leader make them great commanders and superintendents who can often shout and raise voice.

Their work interests are on top of their life priority, and they are trying to surround themselves with people who share similar imagination of the world.

These are the four main types of temperament to know. As you can see, most of us have similar reactions to happy and sad moments if we share the same nature. It should be noted that "pure" temperaments are met rarely and very often people combine several types of them. Many temperament combinations make each of us unlike and unique.

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