Sponsorship letter format and samples

Sponsorship letter format and samples

In today's article, we are going to show you how to write a sponsorship letter correctly. We have prepared some general guidelines for you so that it will become clear how to get the things done without a struggle. So, read on and find everything out.

Sponsorship letter format and samples

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Sponsorship letter template for visa

People are required to provide proof of their financial security for the period of the trip to obtain a visa. Often, for this purpose, a sponsorship letter for the visa is necessary. Only providing this letter, people who do not have the means to cover the cost of the trip, can expect to receive permission to enter.

A sponsorship letter is an official document in which a certain person voluntarily undertakes to provide financial support for a foreign trip to one of his relatives or people close to him if that person is unable to pay for the upcoming trip on his own.

As a rule, the guarantee is necessary for those citizens who do not work and do not have a significant amount of money in their bank account. The writing of sponsorship letters, in particular, may be needed for the following categories of citizens:

Sponsorship letter format

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  • children under the age of 14 years who travel abroad on their own;
  • pensioners;
  • disabled people;
  • schoolchildren and students;
  • officially unemployed adult citizens;
  • persons with insufficient income.

The legal basis for requesting a sponsorship letter is the rules for issuing visas, as stipulated in the legislation of other countries. Theoretically, any person or organization such as close relatives, organizations, wealthy non-relatives, guardians can be a sponsor.

However, in practice, most often close relatives or employers, who take all the costs of the trip become those sponsors. Moreover, according to the visa legislation of many countries, only close relatives can sponsor tourist and other trips.

Sponsorship letter samples

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It should be noted that a sponsorship letter for visa from a person who has no family affiliation with the sender of the visa application will be extremely reluctant and does not guarantee a favorable decision of the consular service when issuing a visa. As for the sponsor’s citizenship, there are no specific requirements, and he or she can have a passport of any country.

Even though the letter of the sponsor is allowed to be made in any optional form, there is a certain sponsorship letter template that has been formed, which is followed during the creating of this document. As a rule, it has the form of a letter or application. It must contain the following information:

  • the name of the document itself;
  • text on behalf of the sponsor;
  • date of the document;
  • full name of the sponsor;
  • signature;
  • contact details of the sponsor (address, phone numbers, and e-mail).
Sponsorship letter

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Here is also the list of additional requirements for the sponsorship letter:

  • Language. It is recommended to write in the language of the country, which you plan to enter and provide a certified translation.
  • Writing by hand/printing option. Both options are allowed, but the second is preferable.
  • Notary certification. At the request of the consulate. Most often it is not required if the sponsor is a close relative.
  • Do you need to specify all the countries that you are planning to visit? Specifying all countries is necessary.
  • How is the document issued on behalf of the organization? Best of all, if it is issued on the company's letterhead.

It is very important to write a sponsorship letter correctly, without forgetting to provide all the necessary data, because the decision to issue a visa or not sometimes depends on this paper.

Sample letter asking for sponsorship for an event

For obvious reasons, the request letter does not have a standard sample, but despite this, it is the form of an official document. That is why it is necessary to adhere to certain standards established by the rules of office work and business ethics. Before proceeding directly to the basic rules of its compilation, it should be noted that it can be addressed both to a group of people and a particular addressee.

Request letter format and samples

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Like any other document, this letter should contain an introductory part, namely:

  • information about the sending enterprise, making the request and the company to which it is addressed;
  • the reason for the request;
  • references to the reasons;
  • the purpose of the appeal.

The following is the main part relating directly to the request. It must be expressed using any derivative form of the verb "to ask" ("we ask you," "we make a request," etc.), and since such a message, in any case, an appeal for a service, it must be written in a respectful manner. It is good if the statement of a compliment precedes the request. If the letter contains several requests at once, they should divided into separate paragraphs.

Letter asking for sponsorship

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The unspoken rules of correspondence between organizations state that a response to a multi-step request can also be sent in one message, with separate comments on each item. It should be noted that this type of correspondence reduces the volume of workflow and, therefore, reduces the time to read and process such letters. If the letter implies a response within a specified period, then it is necessary to indicate in the text of the message most accurately.

Letters are sent and received, as a rule, by the organization’s secretaries (in large companies, whole departments are involved). After compiling or reading, they pass them on to the head of the company for review. Exceptions are the messages, marked "confidential" or "personally in hand" - such letters are sent directly to the addressee.

So, these were general recommendations on the appropriate format for sponsorship letters. We hope that our article has been useful and informative for you, and you have managed to find all the information you needed. To study particular samples of how the sponsorship letter should look like, please, follow the link.

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