Current environmental issues in Nigeria and possible solutions

Current environmental issues in Nigeria and possible solutions

Current environmental issues in Nigeria are closely connected with the population growth. Like any other country, it uses resources to provide residents with good living conditions. However, regular consumption tends to lead to pollution and destruction of the environment. What are the main environmental problems in Nigeria? Read to find out the best solutions to save nature!

Environmental Issues in Nigeria

Every day you can see thousands of people buying food, clothes, items of furniture or goods to make their life better. You will hardly find at least one person, who does the shopping and wonders where all those things come from and what kind of natural resources are regularly used to produce all that for his needs. Besides, some people are more likely to buy new things following modern trends.

What about the used stuff? They throw it away. Stop and think for a minute, what happens if all people start acting the same way? Read the article to study the primary environmental problems and solutions that may improve the situation in Nigeria!

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Current Environmental Problems in Nigeria

Current Environmental Problems in Nigeria

Nigeria is a big country with beautiful nature, small and large rivers and picturesque forests inhabited by animals and birds. It is like a coin with two sides: one side is its exquisite environment, the other one – industrial Nigeria.

Nigeria is one of the most populous nations constantly faces different issues like overpopulation, migration, improvement of medical care as well as problems connected with environmental pollution.

What are the main environmental problems in Nigeria?

  1. Air pollution. Daily, millions of vehicles run throughout the country: they consume plenty of fuel and produce exhaust fumes. One has to mention that the level of protection, available at the industrial giant, it does not always coincide with our expectations about the care of the environment. Old equipment and a lack of modernization contribute to the air pollution.
  2. Water pollution. It is not a secret that Nigeria has a deficit of drinking water. If you take a glance into the state of currently available water, you will be shocked by the number of bacteria and industrial chemicals.
  3. Desertification. This problem is caused by massive irrigation. The country loses kilometres of lands.
  4. Industrial waste. Social changes are the result of human migration within the country. The problem is that searching for a better life, people create difficulties with accommodation. Due to this, many residents have to settle close to the industrial areas. As a result, they have to consume water, which contains chemicals, breathe polluted air and eat food with increased nitrates.
  5. Solid waste. Nigeria is one of those countries with poor management of sanitary infrastructure. It one of the main reasons, why people live rather close to wasted areas.
  6. Oil spills. People, who inhabit the area in the delta of Niger, suffer from oil spills every year. This place is so much polluted that the oil is found in the soil, even within five meters from the surface.
  7. Deforestation. The high rate of urbanization, the industrial development, and agricultural processes led to deforestation and extinction of animals living in the woods.
  8. Wind erosion. The lands which are situated in the northern part of Nigeria are constantly being “blown away”.
  9. Climate change.
  10. Soil degradation. Pesticides and chemicals often used by people for different purposes. However, they often forget about soil renovation and drawing a balance of minerals back to its original state.
  11. Floods and erosion.

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As you can see, problems in Nigeria and solutions should have the highest priority for governors. Keeping a natural balance is the main task and means to avoid irreversible destruction.

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Environmental Problems and Solutions in Nigeria

Environmental Problems and Solutions in Nigeria

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Environmental pollution in Nigeria is a human-made problem. Thus, it is up to people to do everything possible to reduce its harmful influence and improve the state of the environment.

What solutions can be offered to reduce pollution in Nigeria

  • trees are the lungs of our planet: plant more trees to make the air cleaner;
  • keep to “3R” rule: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reusing and remodeling things will save your budget and give the second life to goods. In this way, you also save natural resources;
  • the government should pay more attention and control to the industrial sector and defend not only the rights of business but also the right of people to breathe freely within a healthy environment;
  • forest reservations will help to save animals from extinction;
  • do not throw garbage into the rivers;
  • use bicycles instead of private cars when it’s possible.

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What problems and solutions in Nigeria can you offer? Write them down to see how helpful the right attitude to nature can be.

Wise decisions can save budget, nature and your health.

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