Cossy is the only woman I can marry in Nollywood - Actor Benson Okonkwo

Cossy is the only woman I can marry in Nollywood - Actor Benson Okonkwo

It s confession time as Nollywood actor Benson Okonkwo has revealed to fans that the only woman who has captured his heart in the movie industry is no other than, Cossy Ojiakor.

According to Potpourri, he revealed that although he has numerous girlfriends but when it comes to settling down, he would love to take his time in making that decision because marriage is not meant for the faint hearted.

The actor added that but if he is being asked to pick one of his female colleagues, he would gladly go for Ojiakor because he believes she is the kind of woman that can understand him.

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Okonkwo says: “I have many girlfriends but I am taking my time to settle down. When I find the right woman I will settle down. I know I’m not getting any younger but age is nothing but a number. Marriage is a full time thing and you have to be very cautious before you dabble into it or you would be making the biggest mistake of your life. I don’t want to marry now and divorce soon after. But very soon something will happen. I need someone controversial; someone who will understand me, I mean the real Benson inside. If I’m to pick a Nollywood actress I can marry I will pick Cossy Ojiakor. She’s my ideal woman. Forget the Genevieves, the Angela Okories, Rita Dominics or anyone, the woman for me in Nollywood is Cossy Ojiakor. I believe she’s a kind of woman who can understand me.”

This got the young lady’s attention as she disclosed that Okonkwo is a cute man. She added that any man that wants her must be able to give because he receives double of whatever he gives out.

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Ojikaor said: “He is a very cute man. Hmm but any man that wants me should be able to give and take. What you give you will receive double. If you give slap you will receive double slaps. If you give love you will receive it in manifold and we women are natural spies. There’s no place to hide and live double life. He is so cute and will make very lovely babies.

Nice one!

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