Top charity organizations in Nigeria

Top charity organizations in Nigeria

The charity was always very developed in Africa. Charity organizations in Nigeria work with different sections of the population to provide various types of help. In this article, we will find out more about top 10 charity organizations in our country.

Top charity organizations in Nigeria

The list of charity organizations in Nigeria

1. Solar Sister

Solar Sister is a network of African women. The organization is working on supporting women in Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania. With the help of this organization women can start their own business, today the network consists of 2,200 entrepreneurs.

2. Worldwide Fistula Fund

This charity foundation works as an obstetric organization. It provides surgery, supports medical and community training programs and provides the ability to give birth in health centers.

3. Aid for Africa

This is one of the most known charity organizations. It works mostly with poor children. The organization offers programs that expand education, improve health, create businesses, and protect the lives of poor people.

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Top charity organizations in Nigeria

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4. Panthera

Among the types of charity organizations in Nigeria, there are those who protect wild cats such as leopards, African lions, and cheetahs. The work of the organization is to ensure a future for wild cats.

5. Medical Bridges

The healthcare foundation, that provides medical care, equipment, and service. It was founded in 1997 and worked in 81 countries including such African countries as Nigeria.

6. Fistula Foundation

One more organization, that helps women with obstetric fistula. The foundation strives to help women to live a healthy and productive life.

7. Books For Africa

This is the biggest shipper of books to Africa in the world. The organization supplies African countries with books and educational materials. It was founded in 1988 since these times it shipped more than 27 million textbooks to African libraries.

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Top charity organizations in Nigeria

8. African Studies Association

The organization strives to cultivate knowledge about Africa with the help of publications in African institutes of higher education. It is considered as world’s premier source of knowledge about Africa. It was founded in 1957 as a non-profit educational program.

9. Action Africa

It helps children to lead more productive and healthier lives. It supports children with education, safety, early preparation against pandemics. It also helps families to start their own business.

10. Tamar Rescue Foundation

This is the non-governmental and non-profit foundation that fights sexual abuse with the help of talks, lectures, and seminars in schools and universities.

Now you know the names of charity organizations in Nigeria and you can contact them if there is such a need.

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