Lesbians make passes at me – Dayo Amusa

Lesbians make passes at me – Dayo Amusa

- Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa says she got passes from many lesbians across the country

- She also confirms on cheating in her boyfriend

- Amusa says men are born to cheat

Lesbians make passes at me – Dayo Amusa
Dayo Amusa

Some people think you are an area girl. Why do they have that impression about you?

A lot of people believe that people who come from the Yoruba genre of Nollywood belong to a certain cadre of life, a lower one at that. When I got into the industry, a lot of producers gave me bad girl roles; gangster and the likes. I was crying to do something totally different. That was the reason I played a different role in Unforgiveable. People should also know that we are not what we play in movies. I am not razz and I’m not a thug or area girl.

Which movie gave you prominence?

That was the first I produced, Ajegbodo. It was an all-female cast movie. It was about lesbianism.

Was that how the rumor that you are a lesbian started?

Don’t mind them. How can I be a lesbian and write a story to preach against it? They said I’m a lesbian while another blogger said I’m a serial lover. Which one should we believe?

Have you ever been approached by a lesbian?

Yes. It was after the movie came out. When they made their passes, I made them understand that I’m not into lesbianism. Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa lesbians made passes at me. They usually started by being friendly. You will get the message when they do odd things, and would come out clearly when they know you are suspicious or aware.

But what’s the big deal about giving in to one of those ladies. It won’t kill you, will it?

I'm not interested. I'm so-so straight. I'm very finicky, I can’t do that.

Is it a big deal if a girl fondles your boobs?

It’s a big deal. It’s not safe. It’s demonic. How can a girl be fondling my boobs? No way. They are for the opposite sex.

Has anybody ever broken your heart?

I've never been heart-broken, but I always find myself breaking hearts.

What do you look out for in a guy?

A guy that can be real, I don’t want someone who says he is what he is not.

Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?


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When I realized he wasn’t real, and not what he said he was. In my mind, I moved on even without telling him. I moved on in my mind before telling the person I’m dating. If I make up my mind, that’s it.

Has your boyfriend ever cheated on you?

Which guy does not cheat? Guys are born to cheat. Or have you not cheated on your wife before?

Did you feel bad?

Yes, most definitely. I won’t leave my man because he cheated. I won’t. That’s the way men are. They can tell you, you are the only sugar in their tea. Don’t mind them. There’s honey they are mixing with it.




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