Charly Boy asks many questions about religion and concept of God

Charly Boy asks many questions about religion and concept of God

It seems that the season of open letters in Nigeria has not ended yet. One of the most controversial figures in Nigeria’s show-business, Charly Boy, penned a letter to God. In the letter, posted on his personal blog, Charly Boy questions the very concept of any religion.

First, the 62-year-old Charly Boy thanks his Creator for all the things He gave him: beautiful children, a beautiful and soulful wife, a loving family, his parents, nice motor bikes, and, most importantly, the ability to adjust to any living conditions instead of struggling with the way things are.

But the entertainer is quick to point out that he has worked to earn his success. Then, he confesses that he finds many things confusing about God.

For instance, he asks, what happens to the rest of the people living on Earth who are not Christians? Or to those who died prior to the organized religion?

Charly Boy also wonders why it is acceptable for religions to evolve, noting that various religions have changed over time due to cultural pressures. How do people know it was God who "authorized" them?

Next, the entertainer maintains that if God is supposed to be perfect, He should have created perfect humans, as they are supposedly his image; instead, He ended up creating imperfect ones. He even asks God why he allowed Hell to be created and why He wouldn't destroy Satan once and for all.

Charly Boy then stresses that the Bible was written by men – then is it not strange that humans are accepting laws written by men, and that there are many different versions seen from different perspectives? Human beings, he observes, are imperfect, therefore, their stories may as well be imperfect.

Then, the entertainer wonders why such a perfect entity as God, who is all-powerful and has all the knowledge in the world, would require praise. Wouldn't it be enough just to thank Him, or praise Him, in our own way? Moreover, Charly Boy asks, why do only humans praise God, but other species are "off the hook"?

There is often contempt for those who question religion, the entertainer marks, and wonders why humans should be punished for using the gift of intelligence and freedom of choice.

Finally, he remarks there are multiple conflicting religions, according to which believing anything other will result in going to hell. He asks God to help him answer those questions.

"Mark you, 'God works in mysterious ways are not acceptable answers for me ooo.' So, park well," Charly Boy says in the end.


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