5 Important Things Changed About Gov Oshiomhole

5 Important Things Changed About Gov Oshiomhole

Some wonderful things come into the life of a bachelor when he changes his name to become a married man. It is however sad if a husband loses his wife and becomes a widower and also if a wife loses her husband and becomes a widow. Governor Adams Oshiomhole lost his first wife, Clara a few years back. It was a thing of joy when he remarried. He got married to the beautiful Iara Fortes from Cape Verde. After his marriage to the damsel, at least 5 important things changed about him.

These 5 important things changed in the comrade governor very rapidly after his new wife came into his life.

It is not easy for a man who is used to doing some things change from his old self to these new things with the snap of the fingers. This is the case with Oshiomhole. He has really changed in terms of his ways of doing things since Iara Fortes came into his life.

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5 Important Things Changed About Gov Oshiomhole
Governor Adams Oshiomhole and Iara Fortes during their wedding

Some of the important things which changed about the Edo state governor include 5 of the things briefly discussed below:

1. His walking pace

Governor Adams Oshiomhole is known as someone who walks briskly. He walks more like a military officer. He does not have time to walk like a royal father. He is very smart. He is still smart after he remarried. However, he walks with so much aura since he married Iara Fortes. It seems the pretty lady has transferred some panache into her husband. Both of them are a beauty to behold when they walk together. The governor has reduced his walking pace now.

2. His talking style

Although the Comrade governor still talks the way he used to talk before he remarried. He has however changed the way he talks now. He talks more with less speed. He talks with so much attraction now.

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3. His cloth style

People should not be bemused when they see Governor Oshiomhole in different types of cloths. He might be known as someone who dresses like a unionist. He was known as someone who loved only Safari suits. He never had time for flamboyance. That is changing now. The governor wears different cloth types and nice suits now. He even put on the latest design of eye glasses which are not medicated.

4. Humour sense

The governor cracks more jokes now. Iara Fortes has made him more of a humourous person. Governor Adams Oshiomhole is more relaxed interacting with people these days.

5. Social life

All what the governor missed before he married Iara Fortes are now there. It was even reported that the governor went on honeymoon with his lovely heartthrob after their marriage. Both of them attend different events and parties together. The governor has now become a sort of socialite.

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