Readers React To Election Postponement Readers React To Election Postponement

As the news about elections postponement broke on February 7, Saturday, many readers took to Facebook to express their attitude to the decision.

The commentators generally split down the middle on the issue: some supported the move, the others expressed discontent with it.

Kalu Azu Elijah suggested:

"This is a lesson APC should learn the hard way. This postponement is a tip of the ice-berg. Propaganda and noise in the social media do not win elections. INEC just bowed to the power of incumbency. APC will soon learn the bitter truth!"

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Kabiru Samaila Audu lamented over the reason stated for the postponement, which was security issues:

"D security has nt improve 4 d past 6 years how do we tink dey will improve in six weeks...haba lets stop deceiving our self."

Francis Ogadi insisted that it was better to wait for more security to arrive then see the bloodshed:

"No election worths a Nigerian blood. if security is not enough in some parts of the country, then, its good to adjust!"

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Babatunde Adeyemi expressed confidence that the shift would not affect the outcome saying that Buhari would win in any case:

"The postponement does not mean gej will win the election.The reaction of people with progressive minds will be known.If the dates are shifted to Dec, Buhari will still have it."

Chukwuma Francis commended the INEC move referring to the alleged plot by the opposition to rig the elections:

"Apc wants to rig election in northern that case security must be tighten so as to have credible election. I hail Jega and INEC."

Tunde Yahaya Jega wondered what the elections body would do in 6 weeks if the security repeated they were not ready:

"Jega should answer the question properly. What if insurgency and Boko Haram activities did not stop in six weeks? Security agencies may still say they are not ready to support INEC. What will INEC do? We have been praying before we got to this point."

Fari Olanrewaju explained why it was right to postpone the elections:

"There will be LOW turnout of voters, and therefore, low number of total votes cast, because of low interest of the people. INEC Is therefore advised to allow election date shift for credibility of the results, and to avoid accusations that high number of Nigerians have been disenfranchised."

Onimisi Samuel concluded that he would never chose the PDP following such development:

"By this action of postponing this election, i will never vote PDP again.

My votes go for all APC candidates."

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Nneke Peter blasted the opposition over not caring about people's lives:

"Prof Attahiru Jega has postponed 2015 general elections, that shows that he listed to the voice of reasoning, Jega's wisdom and wise decision has exposed Buhari and APC's callousness, foolishness, senseless, carefree attitude and indifference to the feelings and suffering the Nigerian masses especially the people of the Northeastern Nigeria ravaged by the inhuman terrorism act of the insurgents called boko haram."

Babatope Kehinde Simeon alleged that the real reason of the postponement had not been provided:

"Bad leaders,full of deceit I am very sure u pple have hidden agenda u want to accomplish."

It should be recalled that the INEC announced yesterday evening that following thorough discussions they decided to shift the elections for March 28 and April 11. Insecurity was identified as the major reason for the postponement.


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