82-Year-Old Grandfather, Granddaughter Die In Mysterious Fire

82-Year-Old Grandfather, Granddaughter Die In Mysterious Fire

Residents of Baiey Street, Agbado crossing, Ogun State, were, Monday, thrown into mourning following the death of a grand father and his 12-year-old grand daughter in tragic circumstances.

The octogenarian Pa Samuel Adeola and his grand daughter, Mariam Adeola, died in their four-room apartment when the girl was preparing food at the corridor.

According to a neighbour who pleaded anonymity, the duo were occupants of number 18 of the street for years until they were burnt to death on that fateful day.

Pa Samuel was said to be recuperating from an undisclosed illness while his grand daughter was catering for him. He was said to be on his sick bed while Mariam was at the corridor making his meal.

Tragedy, however, struck when the stove she was using suddenly exploded.

According to an eye witness, “hardly had the girl lit the stove than it exploded and thick smoke enveloped the house. In her innocence, she rushed to inform her grand father not knowing both would be trapped in the room.

“Before the aged father and his grand daughter could run for help, the fire escalated thereby trapping them.”

A resident, Mr. Nuru Ahmed, said their shout for help, however, attracted neighbours who rushed to save the situation but it was too late as both were roasted to death before the neighbours’ arrival.

When sympathisers could not save the situation, fire fighters were invited from Ogun and Lagos States but the situation had gone out of hand.

Confirming the incident, Director, Lagos State Fire Services, Mr. Razaq Fadipe, said the incident was aggravated by Mariam’s inability to shout for help as soon as she noticed the fire. He urged teenagers to be at alert and seek help whenever the situation arises.

He urged kerosene users to purchase the product from recognised centres to avoid the risk associated with contaminated kerosene.

Source: Legit.ng

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