Recalling Late Actor Muna Obiekwe

Recalling Late Actor Muna Obiekwe

The passing of a Nollywood actor Muna Obiekwe came as great shock both for Nigerians and the actor's colleagues.

It would be recalled that the sad news broke out yesterday. It was however surrounded by controversy as some insisted that the information was fake.

The misunderstanding was connected with the tweet allegedly posted by the actor himself on a Twitter handle, @MunaObiekwe, that he was still hail and hearty. Soon the indications emerged that the mentioned Twitter account was fake.

Obiekwe's colleagues took to social media to express their sorrow over his death.

The president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Ibinabo Fiberesima, confirmed the news in a phone interview with Y!Naija saying:

"Yes, he is truly dead, i have spoken to his wife… He was a private person, he didn’t tell us he had problems so there was no way we could have helped….please i can’t disclose much information for now."

It was learnt by The Nation that Muna had been battling renal related ailment but had kept it secret for a long time before informing Ibinabo Fiberesima.

Some unconfirmed reports say that his death was connected with his financial state.

"He could not go for his regular dialysis for the past two weeks because he was broke but rejected seeking public assistance due to shame."

Famous Yoruba movie producer and actress, Dayo Amusa, criticized her colleagues over not helping Muna when he really needed it.

January 19, she shared his photo having added the following caption full of despair and anger:

I truly hate to be a harbinger of bad news but I want to confirm that MUNA OBIEKWE IS DEAD! And am so angry! Yes not just because we lost another great talent but because in this industry we are not our brothers keeper. Yes,Muna mighty have wanted or lived a private life but people knew he was sick,people knew his health condition and yet what did they do,some tried but if they had cried out to the world MUNA might have gotten help. We are just colleagues NO REAL FRIENDS! Rest In Peace MUNA"

Today we are paying tribute to Muna Obiekwe and recalling some of the episodes of his career which got Nigeria talking.

1. Raunchy movie scene?

The Enugu based Nollywood star was once involved in a serious controversy over a spicy incident with a fellow colleague, Biola Ige. Muna was pictured grabbing Biola's breast in the movie, Pregnant Hawker. However the actress later said that the widely circulating photo was fake and that there was no such scene in the movie.

Muna also commented:

"…I don’t remember the movie. I also don’t remember sucking Biola’s breasts. If the movie exists, that scene never took place.

"Like I told you, I don’t recall the movie. I do a lot of movies and I can’t remember what happens in all of them. The fact that I don’t recall means that the movie was shot a long time ago. Probably three or more years back. When love scene was in vogue with producers. I’m still searching for the movie to acquaint myself with the story.

"There has never been anything between myself and any actress that I’ve made a movie with. My romantic relationships have always been outside the movie industry. I don’t take my work home." 

2. Muna became a baby daddy, they say

In 2011 it was reported by Nigeriafilms that that the actor fathered a girl "birthed by Treasure Daniels(one of the shocking look alike twin of the Gholden Girlz fame) who recently meandered into music." It seems however that the information was never confirmed and remained rumours till the date.

3. The many roles of Obiekwe

The actor has featured in dozens of movies including Men in Love, Songs of Sorrows, Wasted Effort, My Best Friend, etc.

In the drama Men in Love dating back to 2010 he played a gay man. The film was harshly criticized as many alleged that it was popularizing the ideas of homosexuality in Nigeria.

In Fumble the actor played a role for which he was wearing a female pant in one of the scenes.

We express condolences to the family members, friends and colleagues of Muna Obiekwe. Rest in peace.


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