Kind Teacher Uses his Money to Offer Scholarships to Poor Children who can't Afford Schools

Kind Teacher Uses his Money to Offer Scholarships to Poor Children who can't Afford Schools

  • A fifth-grade teacher has awarded students he does not know scholarships showing a rare kindness
  • An essay writing competition was organised with the title "Being a black man in America" to help with the selection process
  • Mr Martin narrated that his intention for giving out the scholarship was to provide financial support to students to be able to go to school

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A fifth-grade teacher known as Joshua Martin is reported to have graciously offered scholarships to high school students he does not know with his own money.

Good Morning America (GMA) reported this in a video published on their Youtube channel.

A Teachers Uses his own Money to Offer Scholarships to High School Children
Joshua Martin with young students Source:
Source: UGC

The reason behind the act

When asked "why?" during the interview, this benevolent young man narrated that he wanted to make a change and also give students the financial support they needed to go to school.

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How the scholarships were awarded

An essay writing competition on the title, "Being a black man in America" was organised for black students to partake in and the best entries were selected.

The total number of students who were awarded the scholarships were not disclosed.

Disbelief in his potential

The young teacher recounted that as a child, one of his sixth-grade teachers told him he would amount to nothing in life and that tormented him a lot.

Now in retrospect, he thanked the teacher for such a comment as he believes he wouldn't be the person he is today without that comment, Mr Martin intimated.

Making impact

With the scholarships, Mr Martin mentioned he hopes to be that example who shows the next generation that, as a young African-American man, he has been able to do good and if he could do it, anyone else can.

Teacher pays adopted student's education debt

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