These are US presidents who lost second term bid (see names, years)

These are US presidents who lost second term bid (see names, years)

Democrat Joe Biden would be inaugurated as the successor of President Donald Trump on Wednesday, January 20. He would be sworn-in as the 46th president of the United States.

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Donald Trump, a Republican, was beaten at the poll by his main challenger, Joe Biden in the popular votes and the electoral college.

Trump is not the first American president who lost his re-election, some former presidents of the US had also failed to achieve their second term ambition.

These are the US presidents who failed to secure their second term ambitions:

John Adams

John Adams was the first US president to fail to win re-election for a second term. He had served as the country’s first vice president. He served under the first president of the US, George Washington, in 1789.

These are US presidents who lost second term bid (see names, years)
These are US presidents who lost second term bid (see names, years)
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After Washington completed his two terms, Adams ran for the position with the Federalist party and took his place as president.

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John Quincy Adams

Like John Adams, Quincy Adams was unable to win re-election for a second term as US president. He was the eldest son of the second US president and was the sixth man to hold the position.

It was gathered that during his time as president, there were big rifts in his Democratic-Republican party and it stopped him from making much progress.

Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison

Martin Van Buren was the next president to fail to win re-election in 1840 but Grover Cleveland proved that a lost election does not stop you from getting your second term.

Cleveland, a Democrat, was the 22nd and the 24th president of the United States after he won both the 1884 and 1892 elections.

He won the popular vote in 1888 but lost the election to the Republican Benjamin Harrison, who served for the next four years.

William Howard Taft

He was the next US president to fail to win re-election 20 years later in 1912. Taft, a Republican, is the only person in US history to have held both the position of president and chief justice of the United States.

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Taft, as president, said he would not appoint African Americans to federal jobs and removed a majority of Black officeholders in the south. He served as President from 1909 to 1913 and lost the 1912 presidential election to Woodrow Wilson.

Herbert Hoover

He was elected as US president in 1928 and was faced with helping the country rebuild after the stock market crash of 1929.

Hoover oversaw congress voting to repeal prohibition, despite pushing to make sure alcohol remained illegal in the US. His presidency was overshadowed by the economic crash in 1929, and he spent most of his one term attempting to improve the country’s economy.

George H W Bush

He was the last president to fail to win re-election when he was beaten by Democrat, Bill Clinton, in the 1992 election. Bush was the 41st US president and was the director of the CIA from 1976 to 1980.

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He served as Reagan’s Vice president from 1981 until 1989 when he was elected to take his position. As president, Bush engaged in the Gulf War and signed the Americans with disabilities act 1990 into law.

In 2000, his son, George W Bush was elected as president and completed two full terms before Barack Obama took over as US President.

Donald Trump

He was elected in 2016 and served from January 2017 to January 2021. During his term, Trump pulled the US out of such international commitments as the Paris Climate Accords and the World Health Organization.

He was impeached for abuse of power for soliciting the interference of a foreign government in the 2020 election, as well as obstruction of Congress in the impeachment investigation.

Donald J. Trump was defeated by Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election but took months to acknowledge the loss.

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Meanwhile, had previously reported that President Trump's power in the White House seems to be diminishing.

It was reported that this was evidenced by the refusal of the Pentagon to participate in a military-style parade from the president as he leaves office.

Trump wanted his departure from Washington to involve a 'military-style sendoff and a crowd of supporters.

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