Will 2019 be the year of connection? Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s legendary NYE service and Future Africa Leaders Award (FALA) tonight

Will 2019 be the year of connection? Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s legendary NYE service and Future Africa Leaders Award (FALA) tonight

For millions around the world, 2018 was the Year of the Supernatural. On December 31 night, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ushers in 2019 with very special guests attending the annual Future Africa Leaders Award (FALA) and very meaningful blessings for the year ahead.

Will 2019 be the year of connection? Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s legendary NYE service and Future Africa Leaders Award (FALA) tonight

Exactly one year ago tonight, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declared that 2018 would be the “Year of the Supernatural.” The annual December 31st New Year’s Eve Service taking place this evening will be broadcasted to the world to offer messages of hope, blessings, holiness and connection, addressing the supernatural year behind and the mystical year of opportunity to come.

With the advent of modern technology, the LoveWorld community has been able to surpass all plausible expectations, reaching billions of devoted individuals who have common goals to bring truth and light to the world around them.

During the service, a group of exemplary young African leaders will be recognized for their humanitarian efforts in their communities, and one will be chosen as this year’s Future Africa Leader’s Foundation ambassador receiving the FALA award. Attending the service are Nigeria’s own former president Olusegun Obasanjo (announcing the Star Prize Winner), who is dedicated to the grassroots development of Africa in order to reach its full potential, as well as the Honorable Solomon Dalong, Minister of Youth and Sport.

The Year of the Supernatural: Experiencing the Holy Land with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

During 2018, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome embarked on a spiritual journey with devoted members of the LoveWorld community to Israel in a trip of biblical proportions. The year coincided with epochal events occurring in the world today, namely the seventieth anniversary of the State of Israel after winning independence in 1948 and the historic move of the American Embassy to Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem.

In addition to attending these prestigious events, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also led groups to historic biblical sites of religious significance where miracles were performed thousands of years ago. Participants of the Holy Land Tour with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome traversed the landscape of biblical proportions, stopping along the way at legendary sites where history could be seen with their own eyes. For first-timers in the Holy Land, a meticulously planned itinerary allowed individuals to experience communion, ministry on the Sea of Galilee (where the Lord Jesus walked on water), and traditional sabbath celebrations at the Wailing Wall. The different experiences for each individual held different significances, and each participant surely has a story of spiritual ascension where supernatural miracles transcended themselves.

Will 2019 be the year of connection? Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s legendary NYE service and Future Africa Leaders Award (FALA) tonight

One such site, the Tomb of Lazarus, was a particular favorite for many in the group. Imbued in itself with healing properties, this location is where the miracle in the Gospel of John was recorded in which the Lord Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

With a special invitation to the opening of the American Embassy in the Capital city of Jerusalem, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome addressed the impact of the event on Christians all over the globe, stating “every Christian must love Israel, because adoring Israel is loving Jesus.” The recognition of the Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital leaved the reminder that witnessing the supernatural history unfolding in 2018 is “prophecy coming to pass right before our eyes.”

The Holy Land Tour 2018 drew to a close with a moving and inspirational live broadcast from Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. During this broadcast, millions were able to tune in on the LoveWorld networs and CeFlix to witness the transformation of members of their community after experiencing the awesome power bestowed by experiencing life in the Holy Land.

Will 2019 Be the Year of Connection? Nominees of FALA Future Africa Leaders Award Hoping So

It is seemingly getting more difficult to experience genuine connection in today’s world of screens and keyboards. LoveWorld aims to transform this obstacle into an opportunity to connect globally with those who have the same values all around the world. Through the miraculous technology of KingsChat, joining the online Christ Embassy community ensures the digital opportunity for a genuine spiritual connection. Through forums such as group chats, video calls and file sharing, the premier communications platform allows spiritual guides and those seeking guidance an opportunity to meet and discuss at their most convenient location.

While today’s world is learning how to communicate through a digital interface, it would be remiss to not recognize those who are devoting their lives to others. Such young and spirited individuals will be recognized at this evening’s New Years’ Eve Service hosted by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena. Here, over 30,000 excited members from all over the world will join to usher in 2019. In addition, a very special guest will be awarding some of Africa’s most promising youth the prestigious Future Africa Leaders Foundation award (FALA). Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo will be presenting this year’s top choice – although it will be a close race and difficult decision.

Will 2019 be the year of connection? Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s legendary NYE service and Future Africa Leaders Award (FALA) tonight

The Future Africa Leader’s Foundation selects a number of promising young African individuals showing promise and commitment to the sustainable development of their communities, countries and worlds at large. The chosen awardee will receive a stipend for their works and recognition for their unrelenting efforts and service to others. They will be named “FALF Ambassador,” and will join a small list of exceptional individuals to have been awarded this title previously.

In order to qualify, the African youth must be actively engaged in creating major social and economic change. Previous winners have gone to represent their counties at the United Nations, MIT and Harvard. The importance of grassroots initiatives from within the community, as well as larger support from organizations such as LoveWorld, ensure that the nominee and winners get the full support they need to meet and exceed their goals in service. Tonight’s presentation will include the prestigious nomination of an African youth who has devoted themselves to service, as recognized by the Future Africa Leaders (FALA) foundation.

Tonight, an unprecedented number of viewers around the globe can tune in to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s legendary New Years’ Eve service. Through the advent of modern technology, the “Rhapsody of Reality – a Daily Devotional” (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s acclaimed religious text of choice) has reached an unprecedented 1.3 billion people all over the world. This number connects the local community to members all over the globe, and the new year will surely welcome many more.

The attendance of the Honorable Solomon Dalong, Minister of Youth and Sport and former president Olusegun Obasanjo (announcing the Star Prize Winner) denotes the country’s dedication to the success of the youth. From experiencing the Holy Land to witnessing the future at the presentation of the FALA Future Africa Leaders Award, the supernatural year of 2018 is coming to an end and the blessings and miracles of 2019 will be revealed in tonight’s broadcast which is not to be missed.


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