The luxurious lifestyle of Nigerian big boy BNaira

The luxurious lifestyle of Nigerian big boy BNaira

Adewale Adebayo, popularly known as BNaira, is a young Nigerian man who lives larger than life itself. The Ekiti state indigene is very famous for the extravagant lifestyle he lives and displays on social media.

BNaira, who was born on October 20, attended the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and graduated with a degree in Geography on July 2, 2015. BNaira founded BNS record label in order to advance his music career which he had started in 2012.

Although, the young Nigerian who has a sister called Emily Adewale produced such songs like Hallelujah, he is rarely identified with his music and record label, rather, he is known more for the lavish way of life which he flaunts on Instagram.

As gathered by, BNaira lived in luxury even as a student in UNILAG, and was even the richest in the entire university. This earned him a lot of infamous names as an undergraduate. The musician highlighted this in the lyric of his song.

“I remember when I dey for UNILAG, students and the lecturers talks about BNaira, my cars are red(dem say), my shoes are red(dem red), shey na problem say my favourite color red? Abeg leave me, na my life I con chop, I no chop your own o.”

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While BNaira has always insisted that his extravagant living was funded by his music ventures, real estate business and involvement in cryptocurrency related activities, a lot of people, though, have rumoured that for all his wealth, he is an internet fraudster or ritualist.

Whatever the case, one thing which is certain is that, even without a crown on his head, BNaira is living the expensive, luxurious life of a king and here are six facts to prove this.

Luxury Cars

BNaira has a vast array of cars which he displays on Instagram. These cars which range from are usually very classy and expensive looking. The young stud does not miss an opportunity to pose with his luxurious cars.

Only recently, reported that the social media star bought his mom whom he seems to love a lot a new N18m Toyota Landcruiser Prado for Valentine. Now, that's luxury!

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BNaira loves to eat big and eat well. He has pictured himself several times living the good life and eating large.

Wrist-watches and other accessories

The virtual money dealer is a huge fan of expensive wrist-watches,gold chains and other such jewelry items, and he displays not a few of these expensive accessories on Instagram.

Clothes and shoes

BNaira who is also referred to as Omo Dada is known for wearing expensive attires, chains and shoes, and most of the times, he is never seen repeating the same attire. He also makes seems to favour red sweaters, yellow and black T-shirts, and anything Gucci or colourful.

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Luxurious houses

For all it's worth, BNaira does not just talk about being wealthy, he actually lives in luxurious houses that bespoke wealth.

Exotic Travels and Jet moods

Being an avid traveler is a code of conduct of sort for rich big boys like Hushpuppi, Ismaila Mompha and of course, BNaira. The UNILAG graduate does not spare anything in visiting places like Dubai, swimming and going off on a lavish shopping spree.

While he shares videos of himself having fun in these exotic places, he also posts photos of himself having just as much enjoyment while cruising on airplanes and jets.

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It is worth mentioning that although BNaira is yet to be hooked, he has a son by a South African socialite named Tshego Manche in August. Even as he took to Instagram to share a picture of himself cuddling his son, the wealthy Bitcoin trader had this to say:

“Welcome home baby boy – D real Omo dada 1 – #thankful to God for this wonderful gift of life #mynewbornbaby # Na only boys dey rush this post , All this girls shaaa .”

In many ways, BNaira shows the world a sort of glitz and glamour that has never been known before. The rich “happy child” captioned his life of wealthy and luxury with these words: "Mopiiiiii Easy life .Everything soft with so much joy in my heart , I gat nothing to worry about cus I make everyone happy - Even my enemies must accept to be happy when they see me "

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