We have the misfortune of having a Senate leadership without integrity - Senator Adamu

We have the misfortune of having a Senate leadership without integrity - Senator Adamu

- Senator Abdullahi Adamu claimed the current Senate has leadership problem

- He however said he was not in any plot to remove Saraki

- He said the senate president told him Dino Melaye was a clown and should not be taken seriously

Senator Abdullahi Adamu has said that the eight Senate is unfortunate to have bad leadership.

In an interview with Daily Trust, the lawmaker representing Nasarawa west senatorial district hinted that Senate president, Bukola Saraki breached the trust of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

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He said: “Because we have the misfortune of having a leadership that has no integrity whatsoever, a leadership that started on a note of breach of trust. Once a person breaches trust, my tolerance level with him is very limited. That’s how it started. How do you see a person who is voted on a platform of a party and from day one he plots to do what that party would not want him to do? And he succeeds, carries on from one thing to another.

“You don’t have to wait until there’s a change of leadership. Leadership is changing by their action. They don’t have the majority, we have the majority. Let’s come back and have an election.”

Adamu has reacted to report of Senator Dino Melaye dancing in front of his after APC senators defected to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He said he wasn’t surprised at the Kogi senator’s action claiming Saraki already told him in the past not to take him serious as he was a clown.

He said: “I’ll not forget one day when I thought we could do things properly, when I thought things happening were not quite in keeping with the integrity that is supposed to govern the affairs of the Senate, I was talking with the Senate President. Some of the things I was pointing as example was that kind of behaviour. He said to me ‘no, forget Dino is a clown.’ That’s what Saraki said to me. He’s alive, let him come out and deny saying that to me. Dino is a clown, so what do you do with clowns? And he was using him up to that day.

“He came dancing and was like ‘these are the desciple of this government, and Abdullahi Adamu is one of them.’ I don’t care a hoot about that. I have more serious situations than that. A senator dancing before another senator? The Senate is a leveler. Even if I’m 101 years and I’m in the Senate and a boy of 18 years got elected to the Senate, if that was permissible age, by the time we get sworn in, we’re equals.

“When somebody who is my equal would come before me and start dancing and saying things to agitate me, I’m more matured than that. I got a mission, a more serious one. My mission is for this government to feel effective representation in the Senate and my party to feel they have a good representative in the Senate, to do the bidding of my party and without prejudice protect the interest of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nothing happens in the Senate will divert my attention.”

Asked whether he plans to work towards Saraki’s removal, he said: “That’s not my mission. That’s a very primordial little thing for me to do. I can’t say change of leadership of the Senate becomes my preoccupation. That will be too mean. The leadership isn’t about me or to unseat anybody. It’s about what the Senate is doing and it’s reputation and whatever we can do to enhance the credibility of the Senate. Abdullahi Adamu will be part of it.”

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Legit.ng had earlier reported that Senator Abdullahi Adamu said that his colleagues who defected from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have committed political blunders which will be the biggest mistakes of their lives.

He said: “Take it from me that our colleagues who are now members of the PDP have made the mistake of their lives; they have committed a political blunder. You can start counting the days of failure that confronts the PDP."

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Source: Legit.ng

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