When Peter ‘The Rock’ Fayose crumbled the ‘PDP church’ in Ekiti by Buchi Obichie (Opinion)

When Peter ‘The Rock’ Fayose crumbled the ‘PDP church’ in Ekiti by Buchi Obichie (Opinion)

Editor’s note: The writer, Buchi Obichie, subtly taunts Ayodele Fayose for the PDP’s loss at the recently held governorship election in Ekiti state. She recalls that the governor had previously boasted with his second name – Peter- declaring that he is ‘The Rock’ which would build Ekiti and Nigeria; and advised him to stick to his first name!

“There is everything in a name…it defines who you become.” That’s what I once heard some preacher say somewhere.

Personally, I subscribe to that belief – to an extent. My given first name is ‘Onyebuchi’, and it literally translates to mean ‘who is god’. Actually, my mum used to say there is a silent ‘m’ at the end of the name, and that it actually means ‘no one is my god’.

Time and time again, when I exhibited the usual traits of stubbornness, she would look at me and say “you are just acting out your name."

There is a certain minister whose name rhymes with ‘untruths’; and people say that is why he tells lies - that’s probably not farfetched!

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So, maybe it really is true; maybe names really define one’s life’s path and character traits.

On the other hand however, I do believe that a person can define his own life’s path by his conscious decisions…and that may include changing one’s name; who knows.

Well, speaking of politicians, there is one fiery member of this elite bunch who uses his name as a focal point to attempt to scare his perceived opponents; and that individual is Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state.

During an interview programme on AIT in April 2017, the outspoken governor put his enemies on notice again. Speaking about the gubernatorial election in the state, he said: “They will meet me in Ekiti… Nobody can stop me because my name is Peter, the rock, you hit me, you are in trouble, I hit you, you are in trouble.”

Before that, during a chat with Punch in February, he stated: "Anybody waiting for my downfall would be swimming in more troubles that time. My name is Peter ‘The Rock’. The man God promised he would build Ekiti and Nigeria on his shoulder.”

Hmmm...strong words.

However, judging by the result of the recently held election in which Fayose’s anointed successor lost out to the governor’s nemesis, Kayode Fayejmi of the APC, one would not be wrong to conclude that the name, Peter, failed Fayose, woefully!

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So, what is really in the name, Peter, and why is it so special to the governor?

It is no secret that the Ekiti helmsman parades himself as a ‘man of God’…somewhat of a reincarnation of the biblical Peter the apostle, on whom Jesus Christ famously ‘built the church’.

It is also worth noting, that the name, Peter, is derived from the Greek Πετρος (Petros), meaning "stone".

In that regard, Fayode fancied that he would be the ‘cornerstone’ which would ‘build the PDP church’ in Ekiti and decimate the APC. I mean, he had done it in 2014, so he could easily do it again, right? He calculated wrongly!

Fayose refused to realize that the same federal machinery that was employed to put him in office would be used to install his arch enemy; as power had now switched hands at the center.

He believed that stomach infrastructure would triumph over ‘phony English-speaking politics’; but did not see that a party once scorned so greatly would return with the wrath of Zeus, employing any and all tricks in the book, legal or otherwise, to get its pound of flesh!

Fayose thought that like the rock that guarded the tomb of Jesus, he was ‘unmovable’. He forgot that when a mightier power appeared at the scene (an angel of God), the great stone was rolled away like a football!

On the 14th day of July, in the year of our lord, 2018, Ayodele Fayose’s name failed him. The Rock was neutralized. The PDP’s church in Ekiti was pulled down spectacularly by the APC and its cohorts!

So, what is next for Fayose? Well, that would take another article to analyse. However, it is not farfetched to assume that the EFCC is already sharpening its knives, preparing for a fight; as the now-deleted tweet by a very foolish staff of the anti-corruption agency revealed.

I will miss Fayose though; the same way I would miss Dino Melaye when he (ever) exits the Senate. I will miss the antics, the shenanigans, the braggadocios attitude, the blatant audacity and pomposity, and the unique political showmanship.

Who else will sit at a buka to eat a hot meal of Amala and Gbegiri, or stop at an open market to buy Kpomo and red oil?

Ahhh…this is a loss…for those of us who love political entertainment.

I know you are wondering why I am sounding like this, when Fayose was not up for reelection? Yes, the man’s tenure seemed like it had come to an end; but that was only on paper. Make no mistakes, if Eleko had won, it would have been tantamount to a Fayose third term.

However, let us not be naïve enough to assume that the man who eventually won the election was the overwhelming favorite of the people. He simply had the backing of the center…just as Fayose did in 2014!

In fact, events of recent days which saw the governor walking on the streets of Ekiti, showed us that in spite of his lackluster performance as governor, Ayo Fayose still commands the affection of a large section of the populace.

But he did not win.

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As GEJ discovered that the name ‘Goodluck’ could accomplish no great feat in 2015, Ayodele Fayose sadly discovered that sometimes, ‘The Rock’ can be shattered; especially when it is not ‘anchored by a superior force’.

But all hope is not lost. His first name is ‘Ayo’ afterall…maybe someday, somehow, ‘joy’ will spring up for him again.

However, until that day comes, Ayodele Fayose would do well to stop making statements like “my name is Peter ‘The Rock’. The man God promised he would build Ekiti and Nigeria on his shoulder.”

Afterall, if God had truly made such a statement, it would have been a much different outcome on July 14!

This opinion piece was written by Buchi Obichie.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the editorial policy of Legit.ng.

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