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Exclusive: There is nothing like a Nigerian sound - Adekunle Gold

Exclusive: There is nothing like a Nigerian sound - Adekunle Gold

Popular Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold recently visited and he opened up on a number of issues including his relationship with Simi, his style of music and why the cover of his latest album shows him on a horse.

Excerpts below:

Why he was on a horse on the cover of About 30

We were thinking about what would be the perfect cover for About 30 and if you are a creative like me, you will have problems choosing. It took a while for me and my team to choose. I knew I wanted something that will show the king or royalty vibe. And while reading randomly, I ran into an idiom about somebody on a dark horse which means people that win from behind. And that is how my career has been in the industry. I just come and win especially when people do not expect.

Exclusive: There is nothing like a Nigerian sound - Adekunle Gold's Abisola Alawode and musician Adekunle Gold during their interview session.

On people saying that he is a simple songwriter

Different artists have different approaches. There are some who are poetic but I don’t want to be because I want people to understand my music easily. I don’t want people to think too much before they get the message. Don’t get me wrong, I can be very deep but I always chose to keep it simple. To each his own and is it working for me? Yes.

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Is there anything like a Nigerian sound?

I don’t think so. I feel like something comes up and people run to it and then it dies and then we move on to the next thing. Sounds just come and we jump on it. There was the pon pon era, I think it’s gone now. But me, I’m not about that. How about creating something fresh? If the likes of Fela, King Sunny Ade didn’t create something what will we have today? My goal is to be timeless.

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Why Simi has to vet every song he puts out

Because she is bae lol. Simi is a better songwriter than me I say it everywhere. She’s been doing this for the longest time. Before his album, for every song that I wrote, I would share with her. I’d ask her to help me check the rhythm, bounce and other things. She corrects me where necessary. For every song that Simi says its okay, I feel good because she is the one person I can run to musically.

Watch him below:

There is Nothing Like Nigerian Sound – Adekunle Gold on | TV


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