We may wake up one morning and realise there is no Nigeria - Atiku

We may wake up one morning and realise there is no Nigeria - Atiku

- Atiku Abubakar has accused the APC of making Nigeria worse than it was before

- The former vice president said the PDP may have 27 states in 2019

- He said he is ready to do the job and asked for the PDP's support

Former vice president Atiku Abubakar has lashed out at the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) government saying the country has never been this worse.

Daily Independent reports that Atiku spoke on Wednesday, May 2, during his visit to the Peoples Democratic Party secretariat (PDP) in Uyo, Akwa Ibom.

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Atiku lamented that those making Nigeria worse were not part of the struggle for democracy.

The former vice president said the PDP may win 27 states because Nigerians are tired of the APC.

He said: “The country is in its worse state today. I have never seen it since the civil war. Ethnic division, north against south, this is very very dangerous for our survival as a country. We must do all what we can to address this situation. We have to unite together to arrest this, otherwise you would one day wake up and find out that we don’t have a country, God forbid.

“We may end up with 25-27 PDP states in Nigeria, because every part of this country is fed up with this government. And this is the most intolerant government I have ever seen in this country. And unfortunately for us, he was not even part of this struggle.

“The situation in APC states is horrible. You cannot even meet like this. They are intolerable because they were not part of the struggle for actualization of democracy. If PDP was like this, there would not have been any opposition party in this country.

“Let us therefore unite and make sure that we free this country and our people from this situation. The political restructuring of this country is inevitable, whether we like it or not.

“We must deploy resources and powers to the federated units of this country. If states and local government areas are given more resources and powers, the people would hold them accountable. I can do that job, but only with your support.”

Meanwhile, Atiku said that he would restructure the country in six months if voted as president in 2019.

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Atiku made this promise at Chatham House, UK, during a question and answer session on Wednesday, April 25.

He said: “It is doable. In fact, what I’ve told many Nigerians at home is that if you give me six months, I know I will be able to achieve a fast level of restructuring, otherwise the concurrent list issue. It’s very easy to deal with it because there is no state that you will call and say ‘I want to give you this responsibility together with the resources’ and will say ‘no’."

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