Which is the strongest genotype? Top 10 strongest genes

Which is the strongest genotype? Top 10 strongest genes

But what genotype is stronger and what is so special about the genotype of humans? If you want to know the answers to these question, then take a look at the complete analysis of genotypes and you will find the top 10 traits of a strong genotype!

The strongest genotype
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What is a Genotype?

The term ‘genotype’ and its definition were introduced to the world by a Danish Botanist called Wilhelm Johannsen in 1903. A genotype is the genetic makeup of an organism or group of organisms with reference to a single trait, set of traits, or an entire complex of traits; it is one of the factors that determine the phenotype of humans. There are also inherited and non-inherited epigenetic factors that decide the fate of gene cells and determine the phenotype.

The genotype is a hidden genetic sequence inherited by people. Genotype is a code for phenotype, but a lot of people do not understand the difference between them. It is pretty simple – you can easily see and observe the phenotypes of a person while the genotype can only be determined by medical tests.

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What is a Genotype?

Genotypes provide information about the genes of a person which could be recessive or dominant. The stronger genotype has more dominant genes.

Characteristics of GenotypeThe example of genotypes are the genes responsible for:

  • Height;
  • Eye color;
  • Hair color;
  • Certain diseases;
  • The sound of your voice;
  • Certain behaviors;
  • Size of ears, arms, legs;The genotype of humans determines their phenotype! The main characteristic of any phenotype is its visibility. You can see the phenotype of any person with your own eyes. Some examples include:
  • Height;
  • Eye color;
  • Hair color;
  • Certain types of disease;
  • Certain types of behaviors.

As you can see, the characteristics of phenotypes and genotypes similar, but there is still some differences! The genotype is determined by the quality of genes, these qualities could be dominant or recessive. Therefore, the more dominant genes you have, the stronger your genotype.

Top 10 Strong Genes for Genotype Types

Genotype Types

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10. Right handedness

Majority of the people in the world are right handed! It is one of the strongest genes that have been passed on by our ancestors. According to statistics, nine people out of ten are right handed. Do not forget to give a high five to all your right-handed peers!

9. Dark Hair

Dark hair is the most dominant type of hair you see around the world. In some races, you will find that up to 98% of them have black hair! The craziest number of people with black hair genes can be found close to the equator.

Which is the strongest genotype?

8. Brown Eyes

This is another good example of a strong genotype. More than 55% of the world’s population have brown eyes. Even if you do not have them as a phenotype trait, there is a high probability that your children will have brown eyes.

7. Long Eyelashes

Long eyelashes is a lovely feature of humans with strong genotypes. Long eyelashes is a common trait in the caucasian and mongoloid races. However, a lot of girls still go ahead to put on fake eyelashes.

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Genes in the genotype

6. Broad Eyebrows

The podium models may show off new trends like pencil-thin eyebrows, but you must understand that most people have broad eyebrows. It is another dominant trait that unites people all around the world! Therefore, a lot of women will need some help to make their eyelashes look trendier.

5. Left Thumb Crossing

When you put your hands together (like you are praying), which thumb seems longer? For the majority of people on earth it will be the right thumb! That is another example of a dominant gene in action!

4. Left Arm Over Right

Just like with the fingers, arms crossing can also show the dominant genes in your genotype. Most people tend to always have their left arm folded over the right one, this is a sign of a dominant gene in your genotype and phenotype.

Mutation of Genes

3. Round Face

You will find that more than fifty percent of people around the globe have a round face. It is one of two major types of faces in the world! You can find this dominant gene in almost any part of the earth!

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2. Broad Lips

Certain races from a hot climate are lucky to have broad lips as their dominant gene. However, a lot of people from other parts of the world have the same dominant gene; yet somehow it seems you can never have big enough lips, right? Maybe that is why you can find a lot of girls who want to increase their lips size!

Which is the strongest genotype?

1. Widow’s Peak Hairline

Another interesting dominant trait for a lot of people is the so-called widow’s peak hairline, which is the v-shaped point in the center of the hairline. This is another dominant feature which you can find in 83% of the world’s population.


The genotype are a part of genes that can be found in every person. It is not an obvious trait that you have, but it is your secret heritage which you can pass on to your children. Scientists are still carrying out researches to find out the answer long standing question - ‘which is the strongest genotype?’.

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