Nigerians react angrily to renewed fuel scarcity

Nigerians react angrily to renewed fuel scarcity

Nigerians have trooped to a micro-blogging site (Twitter) to pour out their anger over the renewed fuel scarcity that is biting hard on parts of the country.

Motorists and commuters are groaning over unavailability of the product in major cities. In Ibadan, Oyo state capital, it was discovered that only a handful of filling stations were selling petrol while majority didn’t have the product to sell.

It was reported that the pump price of the product has skyrocketed in Ibadan, as petrol now sales for N120 per litre. Check out the exclusive video report. The story continues below:

Just last week, hundreds of motorists were stranded in the Garden City of Port Harcourt because most of the filling stations in the city were locked up.

Read some tweets below:



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