Libya News: Niger Extradites Gaddafi's Son Saadi to Libya (PHOTOS)

Libya News: Niger Extradites Gaddafi's Son Saadi to Libya (PHOTOS)

Muammar Gaddafi’s son has been extradited by Niger and delivered to a prison in Libyan capital, Tripoli, according to Libyan government.

According to the Facebook post on official Facebook page of Libyan government, Al Saadi Gaddafi arrived today (06/03/2014) and is being held by Libyan police. They also thanked the government of Niger for co-operation and commitment to justice, treatment of the accused and accepted international norms of dealing with prisoners.

After Gaddafi government was toppled, Niger granted entry to Saadi on humanitarian grounds. Saadi fled there in 2011 and since then Niger refused to hand him over as Saadi feared he could have been executed  in Libya. The same year, a “red notice” was issued by the Interpol, demanding Niger to arrest and extradite Saadi if he was found on its territory.

The same year, 2011, there was an attempt to smuggle Saadi to Mexico. However, the attempt failed.

Before the revolution took place, Saadi was known as the captain of Libya’s national football team and appeared in Italian serie A, sides Perugia and Udinese.


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