Filming With Shakira Was A Nightmare - Rihanna

Filming With Shakira Was A Nightmare - Rihanna

The hot and steamy video “Can’t Remember To Forget You” by Shakira and Rihanna has set the internet ablaze for the past couple of weeks.

Rihanna describes working with Colombian beauty Shakira by saying: “Sexiest, I think, hands down, sexiest woman alive,”. Because her co-star is so stunning, it seems Rihanna was feeling a little insecure about sharing a shot with a woman so sexy.

“That is a nightmare, are you serious? I try too hard, I arch my f—ing back, I suck in my stomach,” she scoffs. “At any point, I gave as much as I could give.”

"Shakira’s one of my favorite artists. I look up to her so much … she’s an icon in my eyes,” Rihanna gushed.

Of course, Shakira paid back the compliments tenfold, also calling Rihanna the sexiest woman to ever live.

“God knows I can be sexy, but I need a countdown,” she joked. When it comes to Rihanna, Shakira says “she’s inherently and innately sexy.”

As for what her goals for the song were, The Voice coach says “Can’t Remember To Forget You” “combines both the reggae and the rock spirit,” and that’s why she chose Rihanna, as “she’s the other half.”

When watching them behind the scenes, it’s hard to imagine grinding your derriere up against a wall while an entourage looks on behind the cameras, but these two pull it off like the seasoned pros they are.

Source: Legit Newspaper

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