Meet The 5 Worst Dressed Actresses In Nollywood

Meet The 5 Worst Dressed Actresses In Nollywood

In this hilarious but factual list of 5 worst dressed actresses in the Nigerian movie industry, Juliet Gbemudu of 360 Nobs bares her mind on the fashion sense of these Genevieve Nnaji and Rita Dominc wannabes.

Enjoy the read:


Each time I see a headline with Mercy Johnson’s name I get discouraged to read the article because I don’t want to spoil my day with arguments of how awful her outfit choices are. It seems to me as though she never looks at the mirror after putting together an appalling  outfit.

I totally understand that whatever you wear, your talent is still going to take you to the top but you can’t be at the top and still look this horrible because this one fact will be used against you darling. The only person she seems to be more fashionable than is her daughter.

Mercy Johnson please have MERCY on our sights and hire a professional stylist.


I am a fan of your real talent but certainly not a fan of your horrible style. I personally think a special style chart should be created to help you out with how best to look. We know you are curvy, but sometimes you need to pick a perfect size that fits well instead of the undersized clothes you choose to rely on to enhance your curves.

Another thing I noticed is you try applying a lot of makeup to take the attention away from your awful outfit but in the end, you complicate matters for yourself because it becomes Awful outfit + Outlandish makeup. We need a CHANGE in this new year please


Gossip says that Chika Ike is a good example of money can’t buy style but we don’t pay attention to gossips so…

However, what explanation can one give for shopping in some of the best boutiques and you still can’t look stylish? The perfect answer is CHIKA IKE. I still can’t believe she has been in Lagos in the midst of stylish actors like Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade and still haven’t learnt a thing or two from them.

A few days ago a picture of this actress hit the internet wearing denim on denim but in a very sad way. It was a total misrepresentation of the denim trend. The jacket was undersized and whoever advised her to button the first and last button is worse than an Edo witch.


 Most people have concluded that they can’t be bothered about Annie’s style but I still have hope for better days ahead. Annie’s outfit choices spell out ratchet more often than not and I wonder if she is really paying someone to dress her up that way or she’s trying too hard to remain in the game or impress someone or look relevant- which is it? Because whichever, she is trying too hard and getting it all wrong.


I will rather Ini Edo spends more money on getting a stylist than on cars. Because you can’t be riding a classy car and still look shabby. There is just  this sadness i feel in the deepest part of my heart when i see someone dressing below expectation and I would ordinarily expect that Ini Edo would team up a good style with luxurious cars, but she obviously doesn’t share the same view.

A lot of people might pretend to be cool with your style but I don’t ever want to get judged for not saying this; Employ a new stylist to help you out with your wardrobe choices, that’s the best you can do to save our sights.

Meanwhile, prominent Yoruba actress, Iyabo Ojo, has released stunning photos of herself that will interest you.


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