Exclusive: Fathia Balogun says she has enough bumbum

Exclusive: Fathia Balogun says she has enough bumbum

Top Nollywood actress, Fathia William popularly called Fathia Balogun, has opened up on the reasons she cannot open her body indiscriminately.

In this interview with Legit.ng, the beautiful screen diva also explained why she wears tatoo, why she shaved her hair and decided to wear a new look.

Exclusive: Fathia Balogun says she has enough bumbum
Faithia Balogun believes she has enough bum bum and does not need anything extra.

What made you shave your hair?

About three years ago I got tired of the Brazilian, French hair, and other extensions so I decided to go back to my natural hair. I did a movie a while ago and I had to cut my hair. Ever since I cut my hair, I have been enjoying the feel.

What will you never be caught wearing especially on the red carpet?

Maybe a skirt because I am very comfortable with a pair of jeans, I can even wear jean on the red carpet but skirt especially short ones is a no go area for me. I am not a skirt person.

Why don’t you like short skirts?

I just don’t like it and you will never catch me wearing it. I don’t like exposing my body.

Is that why you always wear a flowing gown?

Not really. When I was growing up, I knew I had bow leg and I did not like it. That is one of the reasons I don’t like wearing skirt. Asides that, I don’t like exposing my leg or my stomach or any part of my body, maybe it is the way my father brought me up because you can’t do that in my father’s house, you can’t ever wear mini skirt.

What is the biggest fashion mistake you have made?

I think the only time that happened was at the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice award in 2015, and that was the first time in my life that I would not design my cloth for an event. My fans didn’t really like my cloth and I was not too happy because it was a very expensive dress made by a popular and prestigious brand.

Whenever your fans on social media criticise you on your dressing how do you feel?

I do laugh it off because I can’t insult them back. They brought me this far in life so I will just play along with them but I won’t answer them.

The older we grow our hair has the tendency go grey. Are you the one to dye it back to black?

I have never dyed it and even when everything is grey I will leave it. Grey hair is not only as a result of old age, I had a friend in secondary school that had grey hair. My mother believes that it is when you think too much that you will begin to have grey hair and I think a lot because I have so much I want to achieve in just a few months from now.

I cannot dye my hair because I want to flaunt my grey hair. If I don’t dye my grey hair it will not stop anybody from talking to me or from giving me anything.

What is your thought on ladies that bleach their skin especially artistes?

I think it is a personal issue. It is your business if you are black and you want to become light skinned. Even me that am I light in complexion I want to be dark skinned because it is not easy to maintain a fair skin. I am not saying that dark skinned people have it easy for them because they also owe it to themselves to make sure that their skin glows and looks radiant but the stress cannot be compared to a light skinned person. I don’t see anything bad in it because it is their life and they can decide to be green or blue. Really, it is their choice.

How about tattoos, can you inscribe more on your skin?

I have had tattoos even before I came into the movie industry. I got them when I used to stay in the UK, so to me, I don’t see tattoo as anything until I came back to Lagos and realized people saw it as a big deal. I think is part of art and fashion but I had mine a long time ago and it is my kids initials was inscribed on my body but that’s was long time ago before tattoo started trending. I can’t even have any additions but if I do, nobody will know.

What is that fashion item you can’t do without?

My lip gloss, I don’t like when my lips are dry and cracking. Regardless of where I am, I will turn back home or get one in a store.

What is your fashion fetish?

I love shoes, if you go check my room you will see them, I can wear anything but my shoe has to be tasteful, same with my slippers and my sandals.

Do you use waist trainer?

No I don’t because it is so uncomfortable, I used it once and that was the end. I like to be very free when I am dressed up. The waist trainer is working for ladies but I cannot use it.

What of bum bum pad?

Why should I wear bum bum when the one I have is enough, I do not need it but if anybody wants to wear is it a free world.

How do you relax?

I sleep a lot and I watch movies. I can be in my room for eight hours and will not come outside.

Source: Legit.ng

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