Woman Begs For Divorce Over Bride Price

Woman Begs For Divorce Over Bride Price

Drama erupted in Ejigbo, Lagos state, when Mrs Funke Oludotu dragged her husband Omodayo to Customary Court, asking for the dissolution of their marriage because her husband refused to pay her bride price.

Responding to the wife’s claim, Mr Oludotu said that her parents gave her out in marriage free of charge and there was no need to pay the bride price, especially now when she already had children for him.

The quarrel between the couple caused laughter among those present at the court during the trial, PM News reports.

Funke told the judge that she left her parents’ house to Omodayo’s house and they started living together as husband and wife, and produced two kids. She stressed that her husband had not formalised the marriage by paying her dowry, instead he pleaded with her and deceived her to have another pregnancy.

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Moreover, Mrs Oludotu insisted on dissolution of their 8-year marriage on ground that she was not treated as his genuine wife. According to her, the husband was cruel to her and their two kids and did not respect her parents.The woman added that despite the fact that her husband did not pay any bride price, he bet her regularly in the presence of her parents.

“He claimed that I am his wife but he did not pay a dime as my dowry and still wanted me to obey him always,” she said.

Funke asked asked for divorce so that she could move on with her life and Omodayo should take care of the children.

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During the trial Omodayo admitted that he had not paid her bride price but stressed that Funke’s parents accepted him as their son-in-law. He said their marriage was blessed with two children and he was taking care of his family before his wife left his house.

As his wife is no longer interested in him, Omodayo told the court to divorce them.

There was laughter and shock at the Sharia Court in Zamfara State, when a housewife asked the court to dissolve her one-week marriage to her husband because she could not cope with his “huge manhood”. 

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