Yna Sertalf finds it difficult getting a man because she looks like Rihanna

Yna Sertalf finds it difficult getting a man because she looks like Rihanna

- A 23-year-old lady identified as Yna Sertalf has spoken out about the challenges she faces when it comes to dating

- Yna Sertalf who shares an uncanny resemblance with singer Rihanna, says most men tend to fantasize about the star

- The 23-year-old who originates from Martinique in the West Indies, but lives in France, realized she looked like the Barbadian singer after her uncle pointed

While many people would consider a privilege to share a resemblance with a celebrity, this 23-year-old lady identified as Yna Sertalf seems to be suffering from this. Sertalf who shares a strong resemblance with Barbados-born American singer, Rihanna has opened up about her struggles with finding love.

According to young lady who originates from Martinique in the West Indies but lives in France, she first noticed it after her uncle pointed out her likeness to the beauty when she was just a teenager.

The resemblance is so striking her mum once mistook a photo of Rihanna, 31, on a magazine cover for her daughter.Although she is quick to correct fans when they mistake her for the singer. Despite looking like one of the most loved singers, she feels it's a cross she has no carry everyday.

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Yna Sertalf finds it difficult getting a man because she looks like Rihanna

Yna Sertalf finds it difficult getting a man because she looks like Rihanna
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Yna has been single for more than a year after being put off men who refuse to look beyond her looks, and she fears many just date her as she looks like Riri.

"I've been single for about a year, but I would never put myself in a relationship with someone who sees me as 'Rihanna' and not 'Yna."

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"When I talk to someone and hear 'Rihanna' too many times [when we're hanging out], I give up [on them] because I can't determine if the person fantasizes about Rihanna or if they really want to know me. That's why I'm single. I have been mistaken for Rihanna quite a lot. This happens to me usually when I'm in tourist places.I remember a woman saw me and was being shy.

She assumed I spoke English and spoke to me to ask if she could take a picture, and I agreed. It wasn't the first time. 'But then she asked me, 'Are you really Rihanna?' with a face full of joy.I felt like I was breaking her heart by telling her no, but I find it pretty funny to be in these situations."

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With her last album released three years ago, it's not the first time that fans have demanded new Rihanna music from Yna.

Yna said: '"A girl once quoted one of my tweets on Twitter saying, 'Where is the album?'. And a lot of people retweeted it. I was amused but not surprised."

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