Nigerians top list of migrants to Europe

Nigerians top list of migrants to Europe

Millions of people are fleeing their countries to Europe for various reasons. At the end of December 2016, a total number of 387,739 arrivals to Europe was recorded which is a decrease from the 1,046,599 arrivals recorded in 2015.

Nigeria tops the list of countries migrating to other countries such as Italy and Greece.

Nigeria tops list of people running away from their countries

Looking at cumulative arrivals, the number of migrants from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan decreased while that of countries like Nigeria and Eritrea increased.

In Greece, 2016 brought 176,906 arrivals compared to the 857,363 recorded in 2015, which is a 79% decrease. On the other hand, Italy saw a slight (16%) rise in numbers of arrivals, from 155,842 in 2015 to 181,436 in 2016.

Following the implementation of the EU/Turkey agreement, migrants from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan made up 68.5% of arrivals at the end of May. The number dropped to just 41% at the end of December, with an increasing share of arrivals being occupied by Nigerians (10%) and Eritreans (6%).

Nigeria tops list of people migrating to other countries

Greece received more migrants from Syria (45%), Afghanistan (23%) and Iraq (15%) while Italy received a much greater variety of nationalities, from Nigeria (20%), Eritrea (11%), the Gambia (6%) and other countries.

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More so, arrivals to Hungary decreased by 95% due to the border regulations implemented on 5 July 2016.


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