FIFA Presidency: It's Too Late To Step Down- Blatter

FIFA Presidency: It's Too Late To Step Down- Blatter

Barely 24 hours before FIFA presidential election, president of the organisation, Sepp Blatter, says it is too late to step down from the presidential race, following allegations of bribery leveled against him.

UEFA president, Michel Platini according to reports, had on Thursday, met with Blatter and asked him to step down following the £100m corruption scandal linked to the body, but he (Blatter) refused, saying it would not be possible before Friday's presidential election.

FIFA Presidency: It's Too Late To Step Down- Blatter
FIFA President, Sepp Blatter says it is too late to step down

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Blatter is being fingered in a bribery scandal also involving South African football federation and has been asked to step down and face the probe squarely.Indications are likely that all member nations in Europe will vote for Prince Al bin al-Hussein, Blatter's opponent, after two separate criminal probes were launched into FIFA.

Platini, who has been furious about the whole mess, has not ruled out the possibility of a World Cup boycott if Blatter is re-elected, saying "we will be open to all options".

The legendary french player told a press conference in Zurich, where the FIFA congress is underway that: "Enough is enough, too much is too much.

FIFA Presidency: It's Too Late To Step Down- Blatter
Platini wants Blatter to step down or lose votes to Prince Ali bin-Hussein

"I'm not going to focus on what is being done in terms of justice but in terms of our image, it is not good at all. I am not the first to be disgusted by this. It's because I can tell you that tomorrow, when it comes to the election of the president, a very, very big majority will vote for Prince Ali.

"We support Prince Ali - and we ask others to do the same. I have tears in my eyes but there have been too many scandals. FIFA does not deserve to be treated this way, it is the mother of football.

"People have had enough, people no longer want the president anymore. It is important for FIFA to be strong, but FIFA is no longer strong".

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Speaking about his private meeting with Platini, he said: "Sepp was affected, I spoke to him as a friend. I said you have to leave, he said it is too late.

"It is not easy to tell a friend he must leave. I did. Now you know as much as I do. I know what is his strategy. Some people give some speeches. He will win and point at the democracy. But Fifa is already lost".According to Daily Mail, these allegations come as UEFA confirmed they would not boycott Friday's vote in Zurich, which is expected to return Blatter for a fifth term.

If Blatter is returned to office by a slim margin, reports have surfaced that an emergency general meeting could be called to try and overthrow him after two investigations were launched on Wednesday, into endemic corruption at the heart of FIFA, leading to the dramatic early morning arrest of seven officials at a luxury hotel.

Blatter's reputation as the strongest man in football politics could be tarnished after a United-States led investigation charged 14 people, including nine serving and former FIFA officials, with racketeering, fraud and money laundering totaling £100m.


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