“This Is Rubbish”: Netizens Roast Stephanie Coker As Her Comment About Making Friends With Naija Ladies Trends

“This Is Rubbish”: Netizens Roast Stephanie Coker As Her Comment About Making Friends With Naija Ladies Trends

  • Nollywood actress Stephanie Coker was recently brutally dragged on the streets of Twitter and other social media platforms all due to her comments about making friends with Naija babes
  • Stephanie disclosed on her show recently that she finds it hard to make friends with Nigerian ladies who have never travelled abroad before and have lived all their lives in the country
  • However, this comment by the show presenter seemed to have sparked emotions online as Nigerian ladies came for her head, slamming her show and calling her names

Nollywood actress and podcaster Stephanie Coker recently went through the eye of the storm.

Nigerians are not taking it lightly with her, especially the female, because of a comment she made about them on her show.

Photos of Stephanie Coker and Tolulope Ajibola
STV show host Tolulope Ajibola calls Stephanie Coker a classist for her statement about Naija babes that have never travelled. Photo credit: @meherandeverythingelsepod/sasilulu
Source: Instagram

Stephanie Coker disclosed during her podcast show that she finds it difficult to make friends with Nigerian ladies who have never travelled out of the country before because of their mentality.

She gave an example of how fully-bred Nigerian ladies don't always greet other ladies when going to an occasion where both guys and ladies are at the table.

Watch the video clip of Stephanie Coker slamming Nigerian ladies:

See how netizens reacted to Stephanie Coker's comment about Nigerian-bred ladies


"Stephanie Coker literally just opens her mouth gbaaaa and says rubbish half the time on that her pod. Mscheww."


"What Stephanie Coker said about a person walking up to a group of people and just greeting a few while ignoring the rest, is true and tbh, both men and women are guilty of it. What I don't understand is the correlation between that rude mess and growing up in Nigeria."


"The funny thing about this is that Stephanie Coker is also a snub. Just like how Naeto c’s wife said something similar to this the other day (but she wasn’t classist about it) and they came for her because she was also guilty. Anyway everybody is a hypocrite."


"The babes are eating up Stephanie Coker and rightly so tbh cause she’s always opening her mouth wah to say nonsense."


"This Stephanie Coker woman has bad vibes, this negative aura around her. It’s clear from her pictures, so that video going round isn’t even surprising. She looks like the poster girl for classism and condescending attitude."


"Stephanie Coker is blaming her innate classism on Nigerian girls. She carried mic, makeup and spewed what seem like right amount of nonsense."


"There is no even time to engage the rubbish Stephanie Coker said because any normal person will know she spat rubbish for engagement. All that "I can't be friends with women that haven't lived abroad" kinikan is rubbish."


"Lmao. Stephanie Coker sha sometimes fine babes no dey too get sense. Condescending, to say the least."


Stephanie Coker is such a classist airhead.

Legit.ng, in its bid to get a more apparent context of Stephanie Coker's comment, reached out to an acquaintance of hers who is also a TV show host Tolulope Ajibola who works for Silverbird Television.

Tolu, in reaction to Stephanie Coker's comment, noted that the actress isn't entirely wrong with the statement she made about Nigerian ladies; instead, where she went wrong was categorising everyone and saying that's her reason for not wanting to make friends with fully-bred Naija babes is but a classist statement.

"So Stephanie coker wasn’t wrong about Nigerian girls not liking to greet each other it’s a woman issue, but to now categorize everyone and say that’s the reason you can’t be friends with ladies raised here is a classist statement."

"He didn't recognise me," 'Old and haggard' looking Stephanie Coker says as hubby storms movie set by surprise

Meanwhile, Legit.ng recalls reporting that media personality Stephanie Coker has taken to social media with a video showing how she was pleasantly surprised by her darling husband, Olumide Aderinokun.

The young TV star was on a movie set alongside veteran Nollywood actress Idowu Philips aka Iya Rainbow when her husband showed up unexpectedly.

However, the husband, hoping to run into his beautiful wife, was slightly shocked by what he saw.

Source: Legit.ng

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