Man Eats With 2 Spoons, Later Ditched It As He Uses His Hands at An Event in Video, Many React

Man Eats With 2 Spoons, Later Ditched It As He Uses His Hands at An Event in Video, Many React

  • A man's overzealous way of putting down food with two spoons had South Africans enthralled
  • The gent's stomach appears to be bottomless, seeing how he eventually ditched the utensils in favour of his hands
  • Mzansi's netizens were dusted, with the main focus being on how judgemental the other man sitting next to him was

The passion for food can be found in many people, but one gent at an event showed his otherworldly desire when he cleaned a plate using two spoons.

A man's ravenous appetite had South Africans amazed.
A man's ravenous appetite had South Africans amazed because of how he put away the food. Images: disnormal_boyy/ TikTok
Source: UGC

disnormal_boyy posted the clip that started out with him eating in a hurry. The TikTok gets even more interesting once the intensity of the speed of him stuffing his face increases. The man sitting by his side gave a look that peeps couldn't ignore.

An insatiable appetite

A look at disnormal_boyy's account shows the man has a deep passion for food. Among the fun shenanigans the gent posts on the platform, many thumbnails of food pepper his account. One video even shows him downing a pizza in record time.

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His food-related antics keep many entertained, and this video is no different. South Africans couldn't get enough of it and loved the dude giving the side-eye. See the comments below:

clement99 said:

" The way that uncle is looking at you."

Therisano Bogatsu mentioned:

"This video isn't about you, it's about the man next to you "

Witness Sithole♥️ commented:

"The Uncle’s look is like 'Dude, did you fast for the whole month?'"

Smile R Rsa posted:

"1min57seconds n the plate is finished "

Itumeleng Shongoane shared:

"That uncle is so confused he even ate with a knife "

RFX said:

"Thats it, brother. Eating with hands is more enjoyable "

Boyce mentioned:

"He's even sweating "

carlosolomons436 commented:

"Eat, brother when I make potjie I put away atleast 2 plates."

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