Husband Tells Pregnant Wife She Looks Prettier With Wig on, She Roasts Him to Point of No Return in Video

Husband Tells Pregnant Wife She Looks Prettier With Wig on, She Roasts Him to Point of No Return in Video

  • A video of a man attempting to tell his wife that she looks better with a wig on has gone viral on the socials
  • The funny footage shows the husband trying to convince Vira to put on her wig, to which she responds with great disapproval
  • She hilariously roasts her hubby hard, leaving him speechless and netizens laughing out loud at his dismay

One expectant mommy saw red after her husband thought it would be a good idea to tell her she looked better when she had a wig on before filming a video together.

Husband pranks pregnant wife
A feisty wife had her hubby eating humble pie after he tried to throw shade at her. Image: @foreign_vira/TikTok, @tatoandvira/Instagram
Source: UGC

The funny social media couple Tato and Vira had netizens in stitches after Tato tried to prank his pregnant wife by taking a jab at her appearance.

In the clip, Tato approaches his wife and asks her where her wig is, to which she responds that she won't be wearing it that day. He bravely adds that she looks better with her wig on.

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Vira's mood evidently changes as she grabs a hairbrush and asks him to repeat what he said. Tato does just that and says she'd be happier if she had her wig on.

Vira spits fire as she calls him out on his looks by saying:

"Look at you. Who are you to tell me what I look better with? You have silky hair, and you still look homeless. You can't even comb your hair. Look at your skin so pale. Why don't you go take a walk outside and get some vitamin D?
"Yeah don't come for me man. I look gorgeous. I'm creating a life and I still look glowing. What's your excuse for looking like this?"

Amused TikTok users could not help but admire Vira's confident response and how she stood up for herself. Check out some of the hilarious comments on the video:

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Kezia Kwapong wrote:

"She actually looks pretty without the wig ❤️."

Realpharaohkoki replied:

"I'm speechless! She roasted you to the point of no return! .”

Shelby Elliott-Moose said:

"I know this is for jokes but this should every woman's response to comments like this!"

Georgia Hamm commented:

"I see he woke up and chose violence chile brave sah."

tildas_gang replied:

"I'm creating a life, and I'm still glowing" WHAT A QUEEN ."

ikramkumar445 said:

"Love her energy...I would have cried."

Panda reacted:

"What's your excuse ."

TheWarHorseman wrote:

"As he let those words slip his lips he saw his life flashing before his eyes."

Naya A Ford responded:

"Those laughs were personal."

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