10 famous Hollywood actors who regret working with Marvel

10 famous Hollywood actors who regret working with Marvel

Speaking ill of a role is a risky venture for actors. Some stars found themselves blacklisted by the industry for badmouthing their breakout roles. However, these Hollywood actors regretted working with Marvel so much that they complained loudly about their roles.

actors who hate their marvel roles
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A subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, Marvel Studios is a top TV and film production company worldwide. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which took shape in 2008, encompasses 30 films as of 2022. That said, not everyone was excited to be a part of it.

Actors who hate Marvel

Marvel Studios is renowned for its intricately woven Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The production company is responsible for fan-favourite superheroes and villains. Having morphed over six decades, Marvel has made its fair share of poor impressions on actors. These are some actors who hate being a part of Marvel.

Wesley Snipes

actors who hate marvel
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Role: Blade, Blade: Trinity (2004)

In 2019, Marvel announced the reboot of the fan-favourite supernatural vampire hunter Blade. However, it did not come as a shock when they announced that Wesley Snipes, who played the titular role in Blade: Trinity (2004), would not return. Snipes is one of the actors who hate Marvel, and the bad blood reportedly goes both ways.

Patton Oswalt, an actor with a small role in the film, gave an interview in 2012, in which he described Snipes as challenging to work with. According to Oswalt, Snipes spent his time on set smoking pot in his trailer and was violent to the film director, David Goyer.

Snipes denied the reports, saying that he would've been arrested if he had tried to strangle Goyer. He blamed racism for how easily the public believed Oswalt's story. He later sued Goyer and claimed that Marvel Studios had refused to pay his full salary.

Famke Janssen

actors who left marvel
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Role: Jean Grey, the X-Men franchise

Unlike other actors who hate being a part of Marvel, Janssen didn't dislike her time as Jean Grey. Her issue was with X-Men: Apocalypse, in which British actress Sophie Turner replaced her.

Janssen considers Marvel (and Hollywood in general) sexist for replacing her with a younger actress. Like the male actors, she believes that Jean Grey should've been allowed to get older instead of being swapped.

Edward Norton

actors who hate their marvel roles
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Role: Hulk, The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Norton has had an axe to grind with Marvel Studios since they ditched him in 2012. After playing Hulk in 2008, Marvel chose Mark Ruffalo to play the character in The Avengers (2012). The studio picked Ruffalo because Norton did not "embody the creativity" they needed.

Norton and his management found the remarks offensive and defamatory. He trashed the script and insisted that he was dropped for financial reasons. However, he has since stated that he wouldn't mind returning to the MCU.

Robin Williams

actors who hate being a part of marvel
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Role: Howard, Howard the Duck (1986)

Robin Williams was cast to voice Howard, the main character in Marvel's first theatre film, Howard the Duck. Unfortunately, the film flopped in theatres. When Williams showed up for his role, he expected to have much wiggle room to improvise his comedy.

However, he found that puppeteers were controlling the duck's beak, and he was required to read the lines precisely to match the beak movements. Williams felt stifled, so he quit the film after only three days. Until his death in 2014, Williams never worked with Marvel again.

Christopher Eccleston

actors who hate their marvel roles
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Role: Malekith, Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Although Christopher Eccleston left Marvel, it wasn't because he disliked the cast and crew. Because of the makeup, he hated playing Malekith in Thor: The Dark World.

When he signed on, the actor had no idea that the character would require a dramatic transformation. Playing Malekith meant he had to sit for six and a half to eight hours while getting his makeup done. By the time actual filming began, he would be tired already.

Eccleston felt resentful of the Marvel studios for not informing him of this detail earlier. Furthermore, he disliked that the studio cut out many scenes that contained his character's back story.

Actors who hate their Marvel roles

Several stars have cited contractual obligations as the only reason they did some films. These Hollywood actors could not wait to ditch the studio as soon as their contracts were up. Here are some actors who left Marvel because they hated their roles in popular action movies.

Mickey Rourke

actors who hate being in the marvel cinematic universe
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Role: Whiplash, Iron Man 2 (2010)

The actor played Ivan Vanko/Whiplash, the main villain in Iron Man 2, and his list of grievances against Marvel Studios is long. Mickey Rourke was most disgruntled with the $250,000 he was offered for the role.

While he managed to negotiate higher remuneration, he complained that Marvel would not let him add layers to the character. The writer and director of the film allowed him to do so, but the studio allegedly cut out most of his performance in the final cut. He disliked how the studio wound up portraying Whiplash.

He is now one of the actors who hate being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He said he is not interested in working with them again if they only want to "make mindless comic book movies".

Jessica Alba

actors who left marvel
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Role: Invisible Woman, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

After an outstanding performance as Susan Storm/ Invisible Woman in the original Fantastic Four (2005), Jessica Alba reprised her role for the sequel. Unfortunately, she had such a horrible time working on the second film that she considered quitting acting altogether.

According to Alba, director Tim Story wanted her to "cry pretty" in one scene. She found his comment distasteful and questioned her talent and instincts as an actress. Although she continued acting, she recently criticised Marvel for lacking diversity.

Jennifer Garner

actors who hate marvel
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Role: Elektra, Elektra (2005)

Garner played Elektra in Daredevil (2003) alongside her ex-husband Ben Affleck. However, she hated the role when she returned as the same character in 2005. The actress reportedly did the second film only because she was contractually obligated to.

Luckily for Garner, the film's director Rob Bowman agreed. He felt that they rushed the movie too much. Moreover, the MCU was not as great as it is now, compromising the film's quality. Garner has said she wishes she could have done the movie with the current MCU under Kevin Feige.

Kate Mara

actors who hate their marvel roles
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Role: Sue Storm, Fantastic Four (2015)

Mara may be fine with Marvel Studios, but she would rather not be associated with her role as Sue Storm in the 2015 iteration of Fantastic Four. The actress felt that the director Josh Trank bullied her because she was a woman. She further said that Trank was preoccupied with power politics and disagreements with the studio.

Kate believes that Trank's politics ruined the film and the cast's experience working on it. However, she would be open to reprising the role to redeem herself.

James Franco

actors who hate being a part of marvel
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Role: Harry Osborn, the Spider-Man franchise

Franco enjoyed his role as Harry Osborn/ Green Goblin when he started with the first Spider-Man movie. However, he was done with the character by the second and third Spider-Man films.

Franco admitted that he only did the two films because his contract stipulated it. He felt that the character was poorly written and underutilised. Learning from his negative experience in the two films, Franco resolved only to play characters that he cares about going forward.

With the vast scope of work produced by Marvel studios, many Hollywood stars have worked with the company. Unfortunately, several Hollywood actors didn’t like their experience with the studio. These 10 Hollywood stars have been vocal about how much they regret working with Marvel.

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