75+ positive money affirmations and mantras for prosperity

75+ positive money affirmations and mantras for prosperity

Some people believe money is the root of all evil, while some believe it makes the world go around. Regardless of what you think, most things in life involve some form of monetary transaction; therefore, money is essential. What you say about money, whether negative or positive, impacts your financial prosperity. Here are positive money affirmations and mantras to attract financial abundance into your life.

Affirmations for prosperity
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Many people have remained financially poor due to their negative beliefs about money. When you start becoming optimistic about money and wealth, you attract it. One way to attract wealth into your life is regularly saying positive money affirmations and mantras. With time you can manifest the financial success you have always dreamt about.

Positive money affirmations to attract financial prosperity

Making money is an art that involves being in the right mindset to harness your full potential. You can get your mindset by having positive affirmations about money. Have a look at the below affirmations to attract finances into your life.

  • I’m destined to be rich and wealthy.
  • I’m close to financial freedom.
  • Any unexpected cash is always welcome.
  • Wealth is a vital part of my life.
  • I can earn money in both expected and unexpected ways.
  • I know wealth is incoming, and I’m going to accept it.
  • I’m a cash magnet, and nothing can stop me.
  • My thoughts will shape my financial success.
  • I will get a fortune and become financially free.
  • I live on my own terms, and they say I’ll be rich.
  • My financial situation is positive.
  • With my efforts, I’ll build my financial dream.
  • This debt won’t limit my dream of getting rich.
  • I will save cash efficiently.
  • Every naira I save is a step closer to financial success.
  • There are no limits to how much I can earn.
  • Every day is an opportunity to earn more.
  • My investments will pay off, and I will be worth a lot of money.
  • I can reach my financial goals and go beyond them.
  • My life is full of opportunities for abundance.

Money mantra to help build financial success

Positive money affirmations
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Money mantras are short, powerful statements that speak to yourself loudly to help you build your financial confidence. Here are some powerful mantras to help you reach financial success.

  • I am a money magnet. Cash comes to me from every direction.
  • I have a positive relationship with money and know how to spend it wisely.
  • I am wealthy in more ways than one.
  • My job allows me to live the life I desire.
  • I am connected to the universal supply of financial abundance.
  • I choose to live a rich and full life.
  • I give myself permission to prosper and grow.
  • I have the power to create success and build the wealth I desire.
  • Cash flows freely to me.
  • There is always more than enough cash in my life.
  • I am grateful for my abundance and the abundance on its way.
  • I can look at my finances without fear because I have financial abundance.
  • I release all resistance to attracting money. I am worthy of a positive cash flow.
  • I am worthy of all the richness I desire in this world.
  • Every dollar I spend and donate comes back to me multiplied.
  • My past financial mistakes do not define my financial future.
  • I am tapped into the universal supply of money.
  • The balance of my bank account does not impact my core values.
  • I can handle large amounts of cash confidently.
  • There’s plenty more cash in the world for me and everyone else.

Affirmations for prosperity in your life

Money affirmations that work
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Prosperity affirmations are simple sayings you can repeat daily to help you develop a prosperous mindset. Here are some great affirmations you can repeat to help you increase your current net worth.

  • I speak and think only of prosperity.
  • I have the right to develop and grow.
  • My riches fill me, and I will never go without them.
  • My cup overflows with prosperity and financial success.
  • I see myself living in limitless abundance.
  • My prosperous thoughts create a prosperous life.
  • All of my actions lead to abundance and prosperity.
  • I exist to have an abundant life and to be happy and fulfilled.
  • I am prosperous, I was prosperous, and I will continue to be prosperous.
  • My actions and words create constant wealth.
  • There is cash all around me, waiting for me to claim it.
  • I am in control of my financial situation.
  • Money is beautiful, and life is more beautiful when you are rich.
  • Abundance is within my reach; my fingertips burst with prosperity.
  • I create prosperity easily and effortlessly in my life.

Positive wealth affirmations

Wealth affirmations
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Most people want to create wealth for themselves and leave an inheritance for their children. To be wealthy, one must work hard and have a positive mindset about wealth. Here are some positive wealth affirmations to help you start your wealth creation journey and stick to it.

  • I enjoy taking steps to grow my wealth.
  • My energy is aligned with the vibration of unlimited wealth.
  • I am grateful for what I have and what is coming to me.
  • I am in the right place to attract an abundance of wealth.
  • I use wealth to create a positive impact on the world.
  • My future self will thank me for all my efforts in creating wealth.
  • I am utilizing every avenue available to earn cash and become wealthy.
  • My uniqueness helps me attract goodness and wealth.
  • It is safe and okay for me to be wealthy.
  • I confidently ask for wealth from the universe.
  • My net worth grows every single day.
  • There are no limits to what I can and will achieve in this life.
  • I am worthy of the wealth and happiness I desire.
  • Wealth and abundance flow to me every day.
  • I am receiving money from the universe.
  • I am one with vibrations of abundance, and this makes me wealthy.
  • I am a woman of wealth and generosity.
  • I am prosperous because I am rich in all areas of my life.
  • I am rich and financially free.
  • I welcome unlimited income and prosperity in my life.

Money affirmations that work

Mantras for abundance
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Words are powerful, and when repeated long enough, they become a reality. Money affirmations have been proven to work because they help you change your thoughts and beliefs about money. Below are great financial affirmations that will work if you say them repeatedly.

  • I am open and receptive to all of life’s riches.
  • The experiences I have in life help fuel my income and make me rich.
  • Prosperity and wealth are drawn to me from every direction.
  • I am at peace with having a bunch of money.
  • Money is peaceful.
  • I deserve financial security and wealth prosperity.
  • I am a huge success as wealth flows to me in abundance.
  • Thank you, the universe and your divine timing in bringing me money.
  • I am wealthy, healthy, prosperous and happy.
  • I gladly welcome unlimited financial abundance into my life.
  • Cash is good as it helps the world and everybody in it.
  • I live in an abundance of wealth and success.
  • Capital is an unlimited resource, and it is constantly flowing to me.
  • Coins allow me to be my best authentic self
  • I believe there is enough cash for everyone.
  • I want more money. And that is okay.
  • I can make money because I love it, and it loves me.
  • I am manifesting high quantities of cash with ease.
  • Vast sums of cash flow to me quickly and easily.
  • I release every negative energy about finances and welcome positive energy about money.

Words are powerful, and they are believed to create realities, both positive and negative. Positive money affirmations are words that help you create a better financial reality for yourself. These affirmations and mantras will not only make you feel better about yourself but also will make you wealthier. However, money affirmations mean nothing if they are not backed with action.

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