50+ Happy Democracy Day wishes to send to your friends and family

50+ Happy Democracy Day wishes to send to your friends and family

Nigeria celebrates Democracy Day as a national holiday. The day commemorates the commencement of the longest continuous civilian rule since Nigeria's independence from the colonial authority in 1960 when the military handed over power to an elected civilian government in 1999. It is observed every year on June 12th. Importantly, sending your countrymen and loved ones happy Democracy Day wishes is a great way of marking the day.

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Send one of these lovely happy Democracy Day wishes and quotes that will make your fellow citizens smile and remind them of the long history behind this unique day. You can also include photos with Democracy Day quotations to share with them.

Happy Democracy Day wishes

As a patriotic Nigerian, there is no better way to celebrate this holiday than by wishing your fellow countrymen a happy Democracy Day. As you celebrate this lovely day, here are some of the best wishes you may offer to your family, friends, and coworkers.

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  • If you decide to give up on freedom. It means you have decided to give up on life. Freedom gives you the right to life and good living. Never give up on freedom. Happy Democracy Day
  • Democracy is delightful in principle; by and by it is a false notion. Happy Democracy Day.
  • Let's fight together against corruption, sinister activities, money laundering, and terrorism. Let's all fight to make our country better. Have the happiest Democracy Day!
  • It is Democracy Day, so let this day be happy. Let us be content and appreciative of what we have. May you and your family have a great Democracy Day.
  • Where you see wrong or disparity or foul play, stand up because this is your nation. This is your Democracy. Make it. Ensure it. Pass it on. Respect the importance of Democracy.
  • We all must be given the right to choose the government and also form the government. Wishing a very happy day of democracy to all.
  • The occasion of Democracy Day highlights the importance of Democracy for each one of us. Happy international day of democracy.
  • What is really needed to make democracy function is not the knowledge of facts but the right education. Happy Democracy Day!
  • A country and its countrymen are happiest when they have a democratic setup to rule the nation. Wishing you a very happy Democracy Day.
  • Democracy is not the law of the majority but the protection of the minority. Happy Democracy Day.
  • The strength of a nation lies in the minds of its people. Happy Democracy Day!
  • Democracy literally means the power of the people. Democracy is not about politics; it is about people. Happy Democracy Day!
  • The market is a democracy in which every penny gives a right to vote. Happy Democracy Day!
  • A very happy day of Democracy to everyone. Let us give everyone equal rights and opportunities by embracing Democracy.
  • I'd like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free and wanted other people to be also free. Happy Democracy Day!
  • The month of May always brings great promises, from June day to Democracy Day. In this month, we should pray that God showers us with blessings. Have a blessed Democracy Day!
  • We all feel pride in our country. We feel pride because we know that it is on its path to light, and we will get there soon. We are certain that things will turn out to be better for all of us in the nearest future. May this Democracy Day bring you hope and joy.
  • Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed; happy Democracy Day.
  • Today, we all have to come together, celebrate, have fun and make it a wonderful day. We have to be loud and proud of our country. Let us celebrate another year together on this Democracy Day.
  • We are a nation built on harmony, development, prosperity and peace, achieving milestones for a better future. Happy Democracy Day.

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Happy Democracy Day messages

democracy day
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Democracy Day is one of the essential festive seasons to remember as wonderful, passionate, and patriotic citizens. Here are some cute messages to share with your fellow people as you celebrate another year of democratic governance.

  • Let us celebrate in unity on this day; we honour our flag, our glory and our country in justice and liberty! Happy independence day, Nigeria.
  • The essence of a truly democratic country is for us to have freedom and the liberty of fundamental human rights. I wish you and your family a happy Democracy Day today.
  • We all should think about how our future is so bright and full of colour on this day. I hope that you can see it as I can. Have a wonderful Democracy Day.
  • Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have. Wishing you a happy Democracy Day.
  • We all want a better nation; only a few people know that this is a task for us all and not just one person. We should pull our resources together to have a nation that we all dream of. Happy Democracy Day.
  • The nation has been through ups and downs, thick and thin, rough and very rough, ugly and unpleasant, but we still hold onto the hope that the tomorrow will surely beauty. Happy Democracy Day.
  • Democracy is the perfect formula to strike a balance on all the fronts of a nation. Let us vote for democracy. Happy Democracy to everyone.
  • May this special day bring peace, happiness and prosperity to everyone. Happy Democracy Day.
  • We wish all fellow Nigerians a happy Democracy Day. The dividend of democracy brought about by democratic government will be felt in all aspects of our lives.
  • On the occasion of Democracy Day, we must create more awareness about the progress and happiness this form of government brings along. Warm wishes on this day.
  • The majority's will should always triumph; warm wishes on Democracy Day.
  • Today, every citizen, regardless of language or ethnicity, comes together to pay tribute to our national heroes. Happy Independence Day, Nigeria. Forward Ever!
  • Democracy is always victorious in the end. Warm wishes on Democracy Day.
  • When we stand up for our rights, we stand up for our freedom. Freedom is what we need and what we all crave. On this Democracy Day, do not forget to celebrate freedom.
  • Be kind, be patient, and do not be weak nor weary, For we will soon get to the promised land. Happy Democracy Day Nigeria.

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Happy Democracy Day quotes

happy democracy day nigeria
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A happy life is completely free, and you should make every effort to live it. It is also your responsibility to protect your ecosystem. Here are some inspiring words to share during Democracy Day in Nigeria.

  • Deliberation and debate are the way you stir the soul of our Democracy.
  • Democracy and socialism are a means to an end, not the end itself. Happy Democracy Day.
  • One nation, one vision, one identity, no nation is perfect; it has to be made so. Happy Independence Day, Nigeria.
  • United we stand forever. In the face of all odds and circumstances, we will bask in the glory of our fatherland. Happy Democracy Day.
  • This Democracy Day, may you enjoy the freedom not only the one enshrined in our constitution; but may you be blessed with the freedom of mind, thought and spirit!
  • The people who own the country ought to govern it. -John Kay
  • The worst thing that colonialism did was cloud our view of our past. - Barack Obama
  • Profit should never come at the cost of human blood. Any government that places profit before people is pure evil. - Suzy Kassem
  • Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it. - Howard Zinn
  • In a democracy, the individual enjoys not only the ultimate power but carries the ultimate responsibility. - Norman Cousins
  • Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living? - Mahatma Gandhi
  • We must unite now or perish. We must recognise that our economic independence resides in our African union and requires the same concentration on political achievement. - Kwame Nkrumah
  • This will always be our country, our nation, our land, the territory that is our home and well, charity begins at home. Happy Democracy Day, brothers and sisters.
  • Democracy day is the day to sit and assess how we all got here; happy Democracy Day.
  • Our future is so vibrant and full of colours. I hope you can see it because I can. Happy Democracy Day
  • As the dawn of today's celebration comes in, I pray that all negativity be transformed into positivity in this nation. Happy Democracy Day.

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What is meant by Democracy Day?

Every year, Nigeria celebrates Democracy Day, a public holiday that commemorates the country's return to democracy. The event that is currently observed every year occurred in 1999 when Olusegun Obasanjo was democratically elected the President of Nigeria, ending the country's decades-long military rule.

When is Democracy Day in Nigeria?

Democracy Day is celebrated on June 12th every year.

You can send your family and friends the above Happy Democracy Day wishes and quotes. Sharing messages is an important aspect of remembering your past and educating future generations about your countrymen's struggles.

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