50+ famous Hocus Pocus quotes every fan of the movie knows by heart

50+ famous Hocus Pocus quotes every fan of the movie knows by heart

Hocus Pocus quotes are derived from the American classic Halloween Disney movie released in 1993 based on Kurt Vonnegut's novel. The film is about how three witches resurrect after 300 years to get revenge and how they are later defeated. Many love it because it is a film full of surprises and a sense of humour.

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In the Hocus Pocus movie, the Sanderson sisters led by their oldest witch, Winifred Sanderson, alias Winnie and other characters create memorable and relatable lines and quotes. Below are some of the famous Hocus Pocus quotes every fan of the movie knows by heart.

Best Hocus Pocus quotes

Hocus Pocus quotes are funny and spooky, and the witches' conversations are always entertaining. Take a look at the best sayings from the movie below.

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  • What a fool to give us thy life…for thy sister’s. – Winifred Sanderson.
  • Oh, cheese and crust! He’s lost his head! Da*n that Thackery Binx! – Winifred Sanderson.
  • This is…this is terribly uncomfortable. – Sarah Sanderson.
  • You’re going to turn me into one of those fat, useless, contented house cats. – Thackery Binx.
  • It doesn't matter how young or old you are; you sold your soul! You're the ugliest thing that ever lived, and you know it! – Dani.

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Famous Hocus Pocus quotes

What are the most famous lines from Hocus Pocus? There are tons of Hocus Pocus quotes that are known by almost every fan of the movie. A lot of the funny moments of the film are all about the Sanderson sisters interpreting modern society since they have basically time travelled from the 1600s. Check the famous Hocus Pocus quotes you should have known by heart because of the humour behind the lines.

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  • It’s all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus. – Max.
  • A virgin lit the candle. – Dani.
  • Well, I don’t know. Cat’s got my tongue. – Winifred Sanderson.
  • Sisters, we’ve been gone 300 years. – Winifred Sanderson.
  • You hags! There are not enough children in the world to make thee young and beautiful! –Thackery Binx.
  • Bubble, bubble. I’m in trouble! – Bus Driver.
  • You know, I’ve always wanted a child. Now I think I’ll have one… on toast! – Winifred Sanderson.
  • Sisters, Satan has married Medusa! See the snakes in her hair? – Mary.
  • How much candy have you had, honey?– Jenny.
  • Wench! Trollop! You bucktoothed, mop-riding firefly from hell! – Billy Butcherson.
  • You’re my kitty now. You’ll have milk and tuna fish every day. And you’ll only hunt mice for fun. – Dani.
  • He lit the black flame candle. The witches are back from the dead, and they're after us. We need help. – Dani.
  • I killed you once. I shall kill you again, you maggoty malfeasance! Hang onto your heads! – Winifred Sanderson.

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Best hocus pocus quotes
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You lit the Black Flamed Candle? – Cop.

Funny Hocus Pocus lines from the movie

Many people regard Hocus Pocus as a straight-up classic comedy movie, and many prefer spending their festive season watching the film. A great aspect that has made these Disney film quotes popular is their cartoonish-ly cynical and evil characters portrayed in the film by the actors.

Below are some of the most hilarious Hocus Pocus movie lines that anyone can find interesting.

  • We’ll be younger in the morning. – Winifred.
  • Couldn’t you forget about being a cool teenager just for one night? – Dani.
  • Aren't you broads a little old to be trick or treating? – Master's wife.
  • Mmm, mmm, mmm! I need one of those instant ice packs. You girls are giving me a fever! – Bus Driver.
  • It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus.– Max.
  • Dance, dance until you die! – Winifred.
  • It reeks of children! – Mary Sanderson.
  • I am beautiful! Boys will love me! – Sarah Sanderson.
  • You’ve messed with the great and powerful Max! Now you must suffer the consequences. I’m going to summon the burning rain of death! – Max.
  • Say what you want! Just don’t breathe on me. – Max.
  • Oh man, how come it's always the ugly chicks that stay out late? – Winifred Sanderson.

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Chicks? – Jay.

  • It’s the chocolate-covered finger of a man named Clark! – Mary Sanderson.
  • I smell children. – Mary Sanderson.
  • Max, I’m not going up there. My friends at school told me all about that place. It’s weird! – Dani.
  • Well, fancy! We desire children. – Winifred Sanderson.
  • Come little children, I’ll take thee away/Into a land of enchantment/Come little children, the times come to play/Here in my garden of magic. – Sarah.
  • It’s the chocolate-covered finger of a man named Clark! – Mary Sanderson.
  • I put a spell on you and now you’re mine. – Winifred Sanderson.
  • What hast thou done with my son, Thackery? – Thackery's father

Thackery? Hmm. – Winifred Sanderson.

Answer me! – Thackery's father.

Well, I don't know. Cat's got my tongue. – Winifred Sanderson.

  • Unfaithful lover long since dead. Deep asleep in thy wormy bed. Wiggle thy toes, open thine eyes, twist thy fingers toward the sky. Life is sweet, be not shy. On thy feet. So sayeth I! –Winifred Sanderson.
  • Hang him on a hook and let me play with him! – Sarah Sanderson.

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Memorable Hocus Pocus lines

The evil witches in the film may frighten you, especially when the Sanderson sisters cast spells. For instance, the Sanderson sisters sacrificed children for youth. They literally s*ck the life out of them, not actually eat them on toast. They enjoy having a good time being monsters.

Below are funny and memorable Hocus Pocus lines and conversations from your favourite characters.

  • We must find the book, brew the potion and s*ck the lives out of the children of Salem before sunrise. – Winifred Sanderson.
  • We'll be younger in the morning. – Winifred Sanderson.
  • I need one of those instant ice packs. You girls are giving me a fever! – Bus Driver.
  • Go to hell! – Max.

Oh! I've been there, thank you. I found it quite lovely. – Winifred Sanderson.

Yeah, sure, me, too. – Master's Wife.

  • Why? Why was I cursed with such idiot sisters? – Winifred Sanderson.

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Just lucky, I guess. – Sarah Sanderson.

  • I like your costume, Dani. – Allison.
  • Oh, the leaves are great but, I-I don't know just all this Halloween stuff – Max.

You don't believe in it? – Allison.

What, you mean like the Sanderson Sisters? No way – Max.

  • Thank you! I like yours too. Of course, I couldn't wear anything like that because I don't have any - what do you call them, Max? Yabbos? – Dani.
  • You're going to turn me into one of those fat, useless, contented house cats. – Thackery Binx.
  • I had to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle. – Thackery Binx.
  • Farewell, mortal bus boy! – Sarah Sanderson
  • I’ll always take care of you. And my children will take care of you too. And their children after that. And their children after that. Forever and ever. – Dani.
  • Don’t get your knickers in a twist! We’re just three kindly old spinster ladies. – Winifred Sanderson.

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Why is Hocus Pocus so popular?

This is primarily because the kids that grew up watching the movie every year are now adults, and they can introduce the film to their children making it a part of their annual Halloween tradition. That said, the families usually watch the film together with their children on October 31 each year.

Besides that, the movie is famous because of its compelling storyline with great actors who reach the audience in the best way. Many movie-lovers are thrilled with the fiction and imaginative world eager to know what unfolds next in the film.

Is Hocus Pocus a true story?
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What does Winifred Sanderson say?

The Sanderson sisters are one of the most prominent actresses in the film. In one of the most iconic scenes from the film, the Sanderson Sisters break out into song at the community's Halloween party. The children try desperately to warn their parents not to listen, but the sound is simply too intoxicating.

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Winifred Sanderson is usually at the forefront of every unfolding event in the film because she is the main antagonist in the Disney film, Hocus Pocus. Have a look at some of her few evil and humorous lines.

  • I put a spell on you, and now you’re mine. – Winifred Sanderson.
  • Goodbye cruel world. – Winifred Sanderson.

Is Hocus Pocus a true story?

No, the American classic Halloween movie is a fiction film derived from one of Kurt Vonnegut's novels. The writer published the novel on 1 November 1991.

What is the last line spoken in Hocus Pocus?

The last line spoken in the movie was a conversation between Dani and Thackery Binx.

  • I will always be with you…Let's go home. – Dani.

I had to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle. – Thackery Binx.

Hocus Pocus movie has become a popular film because of its addictive supernatural powers and the humour behind it. Hocus Pocus quotes and lines never let you down because of the humour and thrilling supernatural powers and magic. Many people consider it to be their favourite Halloween film of all time. You can make it a habit to use these quotes with your fellow movie lovers to brighten their mood.

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