70+ deep meaningful Lil Peep's quotes about love, life and death

70+ deep meaningful Lil Peep's quotes about love, life and death

Gustav Elijah Ahr, better known as Lil Peep, was a Swedish-American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was a member of the GothBoiClique emo-rap group. He is regarded as a key character in the emo rap scene of the mid-late 2010s, serving as an inspiration to outcasts and adolescent subcultures. Here are some deep meaningful Lil Peep's quotes to motivate you if you like his music.

Lil Peep's quotes
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Lil Peep was born on 1 November 1996, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He rose to prominence in the industry after releasing his single Star Shopping in 2015. Unfortunately, the talented singer was found dead on his tour bus on 15 November 2017, after his manager checked on him in preparation for that night's performance at a Tucson, Arizona, venue.

Inspiring Lil Peep's quotes

Peep was never short on something to say to his adoring supporters. In addition, his music was frequently used to propagate positive messages. Here are some of Lil Peep's quotes about life and love.

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  • Over time, everything changes quite quickly. You cannot guess where you will be the next minute.
  • I definitely think the planet is very sad. I also think a lot of people are very ungrateful, which is another big problem.
  • Everything changes with time. You can't predict where you're gonna be next year; you have no idea, you know what I mean?
  • I've had my heart broken in a lot of different ways a lot of different times by different people – whether it be a family member, a girlfriend, a friend, just all types of relying on people, making yourself vulnerable to people.
  • One of my favourite hip-hop artists is Makonnen. One of my favourite bands is Fall Out Boy. You put those two together, and that's Lil Peep.
  • I don't care what people think of me. I don't even care what happens to me.
  • My first year making music was very experimental. I was trying to find my sound. My second year, I was more in my element. I knew what type of production I wanted to go over and the topics I wanted to address.
  • I know that I am not that important to you, but to me, girl, you are so much more than gorgeous, so much more than perfect right now, I know that I am not really worth it.
  • And if ever need a friend then you got me and in the end, when I die, would you watch me? And if I try suicide, would you stop me? Would you help me get a grip, or would you drop me?
  • Living with anxiety is like being followed by a voice. It knows all your insecurities and uses them against you. It gets to the point when it is the loudest voice in the room.
  • Promise me it's real, girl; I got a deal; you could be my girl, I could be your world.
  • I didn't even walk for graduation - I did graduate, though. I got this homeschooling deal. I didn't have to go to school because I was depressed, and my mom wrote all these essays for me. I didn't write one of them. She literally got me my diploma.
  • I love gas stations. Gas stations have some of the sickest clothes ever. T-shirts, hats, everything.
  • Once I found out that people were really making careers for themselves off the Internet, independently, I was really inspired.
  • Some days, I'll be very down and out, but you won't be able to tell, really, because I don't express that side of myself on social media. That's the side of myself that I express through music.

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Lil Peep's quotes about love

Lil Peep's quotes about love
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Lil Peep began publishing music on SoundCloud in 2014 and quickly became popular. Since then, he has been hailed as a pioneer of modern emo music. Check out some quotes from Lil Peep about love and relationship.

  • Rain keeps falling, and tears keep falling. Darling, your love is like walking on a bed of nails, and I just can't keep on fine.
  • I'd be happy to stay single now because I've always been in relationships. For the first time ever, I can do what I want, when I want, with who I want, without answering to anyone.
  • I just wanna lay my head on your chest, so I am close as it gets to your heart. We can fall apart, and start over again.
  • To love you is the most wonderful experience of my life.
  • When I die, you will love me.
  • As the rain keeps falling, the tears keep falling. Darling, your love is like walking on a fingernail bed and, therefore cannot do it every day.
  • Everybody who cares about me wants me to do therapy, but I just can't do therapy.
  • Love now, cry later.
  • I help my friends out when they need it. I’m extremely generous.
  • Look at the sky tonight. All the stars have a reason.

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Lil Peep's sad quotes

Check out the examples below if you are a Lil Peep's fan looking for some sad lyrics and quotes for your current situation.

  • I was dying, and nobody was there. Please don't cry, baby; life ain't fair.
  • I don't mind it. My friends think it's kind of rude of the people to come up to me and treat me like an object.
  • What you call a sin, I call a part of my day.
  • There will come a time when everyone will share the same fate. I think I'm going to die alone in my room.
  • I'm not intentionally evil, but I do sometimes feel like I'm dead.
  • I'll never be able to sleep comfortably knowing that I've hurt you.
  • Nothin' worse than losing a friend. And the feeling you get when everybody that you love ain't around, I really got to get away from this town. I'm just waitin' for a wave, and I'll drown, Satan letting me down.
  • I wish I didn't have the heart to love you.
  • I think this planet is very unhappy because everyone here is very ungrateful, which is a very big problem.
  • You can't live that wild, in public, without the collective consciousness figuring out a way to suicide you.

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Lil Peep's song quotes

Lil Peep's song quotes
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Lil was a young vocalist with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. He was a gifted person who was adored by many people across the world. Here are some edgy Lil Peep's quotes from different songs that will inspire you.

  • I feel like I'm creative, and I want to take advantage of that.
  • Sometimes the music makes me cry.
  • David Bowie is my biggest inspiration. Pretty much the only thing that stayed the same with Bowie was his eyes. Everything else constantly changed, from his sexuality to his songs.
  • I'll be inside; I'm making music to cry to.
  • I remember, but she part of my past now.
  • Look at the sky tonight, all of the stars have a reason. A reason to shine, a reason like mine, and I'm fallin' to pieces.
  • If you're not a fun enough character, then no one's gonna f*ck with you because you don't have enough sh*t that's different.
  • My tattoos have become a part of me. When I look in the mirror, I just see my face.
  • I grew up listening to a lot of emo music, a lot of rock music, a lot of rap music, a lot of trap music, funk, everything.
  • Music is the only peace for me.
  • Whatever I am today, I did it all by myself because I never ask anyone for help.
  • The future is gonna be remembered forever. Future just has so much quality music.
  • I wish I was a little less passionate. I'm a very passionate person.
  • For me, if I saw my favourite artist in the store, I would probably just tell them three words and walk away.

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Deep meaningful Lil Peep's quotes

Even though he is no more many still remember him to date. Below are some short Lil Peep's quotes and lyrics to remember him.

  • I did not always know I was gonna get tattoos.
  • The worst pain is getting hurt by a person you explained your pain too.
  • I remain very controversial for some reason.
  • I lost you, but I found me.
  • Education was never my higher calling.
  • Never be ungrateful.
  • Tears keep falling, tears keep falling.
  • You have to be grateful for what you have.
  • If you treat me like an option, I will leave you like a choice.
  • I'd love to be the new Kurt Cobain.
  • I can never sleep right knowing I hurt you.

Lil Peep's quotes about death

quotes from Lil Peep
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For most people, death can be a painful experience. However, there are methods for managing and alleviating pain in one's life. Check out some of Lil Peep's inspirational quotes about death to assist you to cope with the loss.

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  • Please don't love me, don't get close. I can't show you this side of me, I'm burnin' up, I'm next to death.
  • Love me like I'm dead.
  • They gon' miss me when I'm dead, I lay my head and rest in peace.
  • People understand my message is positive, and at the end of the day, I'm just here to make music that I enjoy and that other people enjoy. I think that's why I have such a loyal fan base.
  • Okay, yeah I hit that, shawty, get back I got death notes, where is my list at?
  • I can feel a sudden emptiness. I'm here to grant your one last wish. So, f*ck me like we're lyin' on our death bed.
  • I will scream your name with my last breath.
  • Hold me, I can't breathe. I don't wanna die; I don't wanna OD.
  • Everybody tellin' me, life's short, but I wanna die.
  • Burn me down 'til I'mnothin' but memories.

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What was Lil Peep's significant message?

Peep talks about sensitive issues in most of his songs in a way that teens can understand, even if they are suffering from despair or drug usage. He discusses the ongoing pain he has felt as a result of prior events involving relationships and his attempts to numb the suffering with narcotics.

What is Lil Peeps most famous song?

The Star Shopping is one of his most well-known songs. In the song, Peep expresses his feelings towards a girl who is patient enough to wait for him.

What are Lil Peep's songs mostly about?

Peep blends in dark rock and hip-hop styles. He addresses topics such as despair, addiction, and anxiety.

Lil Peep was a great emo rapper who influenced a lot of young people. You can share Lil Peep's quotes above with your friends and family.

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