100+ aesthetic sad playlist names to set the mood from the get-go

100+ aesthetic sad playlist names to set the mood from the get-go

There are days when all you want to do is cry. What better way to express your emotions than by listening to sorrowful music? These songs bring you to a place where you can reminisce about bygone eras while also remembering the good old days. Aesthetic sad playlist names normally come in handy when one is feeling low.

aesthetic sad playlist names
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Whether making a playlist to cry your eyes out to or just sit about and feel sorry for yourself, make sure it keeps you in the mood you want to be in. Here is a guide to assist you with that. It contains some of the best sad playlist name suggestions.

Aesthetic sad playlist names

Generating playlists that make you feel a specific way is no doubt an art. However, giving your playlist the correct name might be the icing on the cake. Here are some subtle sad playlist names that you may use to make your own.

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  • A Darker Kind of Day
  • A Playlist of Breakup Anthems
  • Above The Law
  • Acoustic Break-Up Songs
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • All My Tears
  • All the Singles
  • All Time Low Playlist
  • Bad Trip
  • Blackest of Blacks
  • Blameless Beautiful
  • Burning House
  • Catch My Breath
  • Cold Desert
  • Cold Weather Blues
  • Country Taylor
  • Crying Favorites
  • Crying in the Club
  • Crying Pillow
  • Dark and Deep
  • Depresso coffee
  • Every Shade of Blue

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sad playlist name ideas
A phone with wireless earphones. Photo: pexels.com, @cottonbro
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  • Feeling small and insignificant
  • Folk Songs
  • Forget You
  • Get Over Your Ex
  • Go Your Own Way
  • Goodbye My Lover
  • Hauntingly Beautiful
  • Heartbreaking Slow Jams
  • Heavily Produced
  • How I Deal With Being Single
  • I Miss You Now
  • Ill Be There for You
  • It's Been a Rough Day
  • Lonely daydreams
  • Makes Me Think of You
  • Making onions cry
  • Maybe next time
  • Metal Baby
  • No more of you
  • Now That Youre Gone
  • Oh so Gloomy
  • On the Verge of Panic Attacks and Anxiety
  • Only a fool for you
  • Only Love Can Hurt
  • Picking up the Pieces While You're Broken Hearted
  • Sad Songs That Will Make you
  • Self-indulgent drama
  • Song for When You're Scared to Say "I Love You"
  • Soul Music that Heals
  • Stories of Country Life
  • Strong Enough
  • Tap to feel Despair
  • The Most Depressing Songs Ever Recorded
  • The Rancid Symphony
  • Wake Up in the Morning and Your SO Isn't Next to you
  • When Life Gets Hard, Put on a Breakup Song or Ten
  • When the butterflies in your stomach turn into bats
  • When Your Mom Says It's Just Depression and to Get Over It

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Sad girl playlist names

sad girl playlist names
A student listening to music using a smartphone. Photo: pexels.com, @charlottemay
Source: UGC

Slow, wonderful music that reaches their hearts is a girl's favourite thing. The first step in making a new sad playlist is to give it a name that you will feel at ease with. The name must balance being descriptive, sounding good, and accurately portraying your sad state of mind. Here are some girly sad playlist name ideas to think about.

  • A Little Less Conversation
  • All Spotify Hits
  • All the Colours of My Dreams
  • Angel energy
  • Auditory Hallucination
  • Being a Misfit
  • Best Chorus
  • Canon's Fired
  • Creating a New Self
  • Cry Me a River
  • Deep Dark Secrets
  • Distorted Reality
  • Don't Listen Unless Stable
  • Early 2000's
  • Elevator Dance Party
  • Entering a Parallel Dimension
  • Escape the ordinary
  • Every Mood Imaginable
  • Flowers in my heart
  • Getting lost in what I love.
  • Growing & Glowing
  • Heart Beating Slow
  • Heartbeats
  • Hip Hop Hits
  • Holding hands
  • If My Heart Had a Voice
  • In the Dark
  • Joji STOP
  • Just Listen To The World Around You
  • Lonely Nights
  • Melting kisses
  • Memories of love
  • Misty Morning
  • Music That'll Defrost Your Heart
  • Ocean Goddess
  • She wore moonlight like lingerie
  • Some Nights Some Days
  • Songs That Made Me a Better Person
  • Songs that Sound Cold
  • Sound of Silence
  • Stargazing into early mornings
  • Stuck on Chorus
  • Symphony of Pain
  • Tell Me Why
  • That Indie Song much Cooler than Mine
  • The golden daze of summer
  • The Lonely Sunshine
  • The Moment I Missed You Most
  • The One that Got Away
  • The Quirkiest Dance Party In The World
  • The Soundtrack to Your Summer
  • The Sunset Setting
  • The Trendsetters
  • The World Becomes A Fantasy
  • Time travel
  • We're made of stardust
  • We're Going to the Moon
  • When It's Just Me And My Friends
  • Wine in Hand, Swinging Shoes
  • Wolves In The Night

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Sad boy playlist names

sad boy playlist names
A man in a white trank top dancing while dancing. Photo: pexels.com, @thirdman
Source: UGC

After you have spent a lot of time narrowing down the melancholy songs for your playlist, it is crucial to give it a name that accurately describes the type of music it contains. Here are a few samples of sad playlist names Spotify ideas to get you started.

  • Above Average
  • Acoustics Version
  • All Barks No Bites
  • All Daze Long
  • All Eyes On Me
  • Autumn Afternoons
  • Back in Garage
  • Bon Iverson
  • Conflict Resolution 101
  • Cowboy Like Me
  • Dear Loverboy
  • Dope Beats
  • Driving through the Rains
  • Echo's at Night
  • Ethereal
  • Feelings and other stupid things
  • Fiesta de la Tarde
  • Go Back and Redo it Again
  • Grandma's Childhood Chronicles
  • Hit em hard
  • Hot rhymes
  • Hurt but not Broken
  • In My Mood
  • Just a Sadboi
  • Leave, I'm sad
  • Left me right here
  • Let Me Remember This
  • Lowkey Indie
  • Mirror to my Soul
  • Moonchild's Playlist
  • Motif motif MOTIF
  • My EMO Phase
  • My Muse
  • Old-School Funkadelic Flava
  • Sad Rocky Hit
  • Sad Day Of My Life
  • Shuffle to Moon
  • Songs Called 'Colors'
  • Songs I could dance to
  • Songs that give Closure
  • Songs that Sound Witchy
  • Songs with Weird Names
  • Sonic Sonnets
  • Sounds Like Summer
  • Storytellers of Past
  • Study Tunes
  • Tap Tap Rains
  • Tell me why
  • That kid Was Me
  • That Southern Accent
  • The Coming of Age
  • The Dark Times
  • The Sad Beats Of My Life
  • The Moment I knew
  • The Night We Met
  • Underrated Gems
  • Uptown Groove
  • Venus
  • Vibe Nation
  • Winter Carrols
  • Wolffy Loony Tunes
  • Your Companion through Sweaty Workouts

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Sad emo-rap playlist names

emo playlist names
Black headphones with a smartphone. Photo: pexels.com, @kaboompics
Source: UGC

You can use name ideas to bring out the correct tone, whether you're making a playlist for a gym workout or a road trip with your friends. Here are some suggestions for sad emo-rap playlists.

  • 90s Hip Hop Playlist
  • All About that Bass
  • All That She Wants
  • All You Have Is Now
  • At Last, You Will Cry
  • Back to Black
  • B-Boy Day Dreamin
  • Because You Left Me
  • Bling Bling Rap Collection
  • Blow Your Mind Raps
  • Build up To Party
  • Can I Kick It?
  • Certified Trill
  • Chill Rap Songs
  • Cold Winter Nights
  • Come Back Soon! Please!
  • Crying for Help
  • Dedicated to My Crew
  • Endless Love
  • Essential Rap Playlist
  • Favourite Rap Songs
  • Feel Good Raps
  • Feels Like Party Time
  • Gangsta Rap Classics
  • Gangstas Paradise
  • Get the Tears Flowing
  • Get Ur Freak On
  • Go Hard or Go Home
  • Hey There Lonely Girl
  • Hip Hop Anthems
  • How I Miss You so Much!
  • In Your Dreams
  • Just as I Am
  • Loneliness in The Crowd
  • Mellowest Raps of all Time
  • My Beautiful Wreck
  • My only Pain Is Missing You
  • Old School Eminem
  • On the Low
  • Party Like a Rockstar
  • Party Starter Squad
  • Pop Heartbreaks
  • Rap Lunch Break
  • Rap Masterpieces
  • Rap Songs Evergreen Hits
  • Rap the Day Away
  • Rhythm of My Broken Heart!
  • Sad Rap Playlist
  • Sad Rap Songs
  • Saddest Songs Ever
  • Some Things Never Try to Fix
  • Soul Anti-Depressants
  • Summer Vibes Rap Songs
  • Tears for Fears
  • The Best Rap Songs
  • The Blueprint
  • The Great Ones
  • The True Blue Soundtrack
  • Try This Rap Songs Mix
  • Up in Smoke

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Sad emo K-pop playlist names

sad playlist names spotify
Black Samsung phone between headphones. Photo: pexels.com, @vladbagacian
Source: UGC

If you are a great fan of K-pop music and are making an incredible playlist with all of your favourite K-pop songs, you'll want to give it a name that reflects your sad mood. Take a look at the list below for some cool emo playlist names.

  • After Glow
  • Again & Again
  • Always Be My Baby
  • Beauty in Simplicity
  • Bias Crush
  • Bleeding Love
  • Classic K-Pop
  • Come Back To Me
  • Crazy Night
  • Dangerous Love
  • Electropop Inspiration
  • Endless Heartbreak
  • Every Song is You
  • Feel Good Mixtape
  • Fluffy Breakups
  • Girl Power Edition
  • Im a K-Pop Fan
  • Inspiring K-Pop
  • Intoxicated
  • Just Right
  • K-Pop Picks
  • K-Pop Power Hours
  • K-Pop Soul Power
  • K-Pop With a Twist
  • Letting Go Of Exes
  • Lips Like Sugar
  • Looking to the Future
  • Love is Dangerous
  • Love Lost & Found
  • Midnight Blue
  • Mr. Me Too
  • Now Youre Gone
  • Oh My Song
  • Orange Caramel
  • Painful Breakup
  • Rain + Rainbow
  • Rhymes with Love
  • Right Side Of My Heart
  • Rock And Pop Hits
  • Romantic Notes
  • Sad K-Pop Beats
  • Sexy Dance Night Boosters
  • Sick Beats
  • Silent Snow
  • Spotless Mind
  • Sweet Heart
  • Sweet K-Pop
  • That Popular Girl
  • The Best of K-Pop
  • The Greatest All-Cast K-Pop
  • The Last Thumbs Up
  • The Real Thing!
  • Together Alone
  • Tripping Triad
  • Twilight Zone
  • Vibrant Secrets
  • Wonderful Day
  • Wonderful Tonight
  • Young Forever
  • You're the Answer

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People build playlists for a variety of purposes. It could be because they are enthusiastic about certain songs or artists, want to share their favourite music with others, or want to show off their music collection's diversity. The sad playlist names listed above will put you in the perfect mood.

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