What should you text your boss when you are not feeling too well?

What should you text your boss when you are not feeling too well?

As much as you love your job, it is impossible to work on a day when you are not feeling well. Thus, instead of going to work when sick, it is appropriate to request your boss for a day or days off from work. So, what should you text your boss when you are not feeling too well to work?

Sick text message example
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While every workplace has its preferred way of communication for different situations, text messages seem to be the most preferable when seeking permission because they are precise. It is courteous to write a text message to your boss informing him or her that you are not feeling well and will not come in rather than not showing up without any communication.

Tips on how to text your boss you can’t come in for work

What makes the right text message to send your boss when you are sick and do not intend to go to work? Here is a simple guideline.

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  1. Communicate as early as possible – Do not wait until the eleventh hour to tell your boss that you are not coming in for work. When you feel unwell, such that you cannot go to work, text your boss so that he or she has adequate time to make necessary arrangements.
  2. Communicate to your boss directly – It is improper to send a text to a colleague who will inform your boss that you are not coming to work. Instead, be bold and text the boss directly.
  3. Keep it short – Avoid a long text message that might contain unnecessary details. It is tedious to read long texts, and thus, your boss might ignore it considering that they may be busy with other duties.
  4. Be precise – Go straight to the point and do not be vague. Let your boss know your intentions within the first few sentences of the text.
  5. Avoid unnecessary extra details – Do not go into the specific details of your sickness. Tell your boss that you are unwell and will not come in.
  6. Have a plan or an alternative – Who else can perform the task you do at work? Always suggest to your boss a colleague who can handle your work when you are absent. Ensure that you seek the consent of your colleague before contacting your boss.
  7. Call if there is no response - Ideally, your boss should respond after receiving your text. However, if he or she does not reply after a short period, something might have gone wrong, and maybe your text was not delivered. Call your boss to confirm if your sick off request has been approved.

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Not feeling well message to your boss

What can I text my boss when I’m sick? If you are ill, it is advisable not to go to work because you will be less productive and might even jeopardise the health of other workmates.

How do you say you're not feeling well?
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Depending on the seriousness of your illness, you might need a day or several days off so that you seek treatment or get enough rest. So how do you say you’re not feeling well?

Sick text message examples if you need a day off

If your sickness is not severe and you feel that a day will be enough to recover, then here are examples of texts you can send to your boss.

  • I am not feeling well today and need to take a sick day. (Workmate’s name) has accepted to work on my behalf, and I should be well enough to come in tomorrow.
  • I feel sick today, and I do not think I will be effective at work. So kindly give me a day off to get medical attention.
  • I fell sick last night, and I am not any better today. Allow me a day off to consult my doctor.
  • I won’t be able to come to work today because I am not feeling well. So allow (colleague’s name) to step in for me until I return to work tomorrow.
  • I am down with (disease, e.g. flu/cold) and will not come to work today. I need a day off to get treatment and rest.
  • Hello Sir/Madam, I’m not feeling well today and thus, I prefer seeing a doctor to examine my condition. I, therefore, request a day off from work.
  • Good morning Sir/Madam, I woke up feeling a bit unwell today, and I think I am not fit to work today but should seek medical attention. Kindly give me a sick leave to get treatment and recover from the illness. Also, allow (mention a colleague’s name) to do my tasks in the meantime.
  • Dear Sir/Madam, I felt unwell yesternight and was rushed to hospital. I am currently under treatment. Even though my condition has improved, I cannot come to work because I need some rest to recover fully. So kindly give me a few days off from work.
  • Hello Sir/Madam, after the strenuous exercise we conducted yesterday, I feel sick and will not come to work today as I take some time to rest. However, I will be accessible to assist on any urgent matter on the phone.
  • Good morning Sir/Madam, I feel under the weather today and, unfortunately, will not come to my workplace in the next few days. Therefore, I have asked (mention your workmate) to submit my pending tasks. Meanwhile, I will go for a medical checkup and update you about my situation accordingly.

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Sick text message examples if you need several days off

When you are likely to take two or more days to get well, here are examples of text messages to send to your boss.

Not feeling well message to your boss
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  • I will not make it to work in the next few days due to an unexpected illness.
  • I need some days off from work. I have been diagnosed with (disease) and thus, will be on treatment for the next few days.
  • I am suffering from (disease), and my doctor has advised that I take a few days off while getting treatment. Therefore, I will return to work on (state the date you intend to return).
  • I am very sick and need to take a few days off. I hope to be well enough to return to work on (mention date you think you will have fully recovered).
  • Kindly allow me a few days off from work. I am ailing, and the days out of work will serve me well while recuperating.
  • I need to take today and tomorrow off from work because I visited my physician and have the flu. Kindly accept my request.

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Text message examples to your boss if you need a day off to attend to a sick loved one

What if you are not sick but need a day off to take care of a sick person? If one of your dependents is unwell and you have to take care of them, here are some text message examples to text your employer.

  • Hello Sir, I urgently need a day off to take my wife to the hospital. She felt unwell yesterday, and her condition has not improved today. I am sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Good morning Sir/Madam, my child has been suffering from (mention the disease), and he has been on treatment. Allow me a day off to take him for a medical checkup as scheduled by the doctors. I will be back to work tomorrow.
  • Dear Sir/Madam, my parent had an accident at home and got injured. So I have to arrange for her treatment today, and therefore, I request a day off from work. Thanks for your kindness, and I apologize for any disappointment.
  • Hello Sir, I have just been informed about my child’s sickness at school. Therefore, I will not show up for work today as I need to check his condition and possibly get him to a hospital for treatment.

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If texting when sick is acceptable at your workplace, then you should not hesitate to text your boss whenever you are unwell. However, remember to be precise and professional while sending your boss a sick text message.

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