Should I propose before or after dinner? Pros, cons, ideas

Should I propose before or after dinner? Pros, cons, ideas

Should I propose before or after dinner? A marriage proposal is one of the most important events in a couple's life. It is a cherished day with fond memories that the couple can look back on. Once you decide to propose, there are a few things to consider, such as the right time for popping the question.

when to propose at dinner
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Just like in the movies, many people like to propose at a romantic candlelit dinner. You can decide to propose before or after the meal. It is, however, not easy to decide when to propose at dinner. It is important to analyse your options before settling on the best time.

Should I propose before or after dinner?

Nailing a proposal will depend on whether the timing is perfect. There are pros and cons of popping the question before or after dinner.

Pros of proposing before dinner

The following are some pros of proposing before dinner.

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  • The meal complements the celebration. The couple can celebrate as they wine and dine. It is a great way to connect with each other after taking the next level in your relationship.
  • Reduces the tension. Getting engaged is nerve-wracking, and eating can be difficult due to the thoughts of how they will go. Your partner may even pick up on your nerves which could ruin the romantic moment.
  • Helps to avoid potential unromantic disasters. The disasters include foods you eat that could be too oniony or garlicky, ruining the kiss after the engagement. There is also a chance of getting upstaged by the waiter delivering dessert or the bill.

Cons of proposing before dinner

Proposing at a restaurant before eating has its downside. Here are some of the cons you need to consider.

  • You have a less private celebration. Asking for your partner's hand before eating is wonderful, but there is no intіmacy. A restaurant has other customers who might want to congratulate the couple. This means talking to other people as you have dinner.
  • There is awkwardness if the person says "no." There is a chance the person being asked the question can say "no." The couple then has to sit and have a very awkward meal. One person could even storm out of the restaurant creating a scene.
  • Less focus on the food you are about to eat. After popping the question, both of you will be too excited, and paying attention to the food will be difficult. Unfortunately, this means you will pay for food you won't get to enjoy to the fullest extent.

Pros of proposing after dinner

when to propose at dinner
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You may decide you and your partner will have food, and then the engagement comes as a climax of the night. Here are some pros of popping the question after a meal.

  • The couple can focus on the meal first. Waiting until after food to pop the question means you can both enjoy the meal before the big moment. This is nice since you are paying for the food.
  • There is a more intіmate celebration. The newly engaged couple can enjoy an intіmate celebration after the engagement. The couple can do this by going to a private place where they can be all alone.
  • You can invite friends and family to be a part of the dinner. Popping the question after dinner could work if you love the idea of including your loved ones. This means people close to you will enjoy time with the two of you before the proposal.
  • You can avoid public embarrassment if they don't say "yes". Engaging in a public setting is risky and embarrassing if they say "no." If things don't go according to plan, the couple can leave immediately, avoiding the embarrassment.

Cons of proposing after dinner

There are a few cons to why it might not be ideal to have a meal before getting engaged. Here are a few to help you make the right choice.

  • You could be nervous. You are likely to get nervous before popping the big question. Your partner might be able to tell you are not yourself, which could ruin the surprise.
  • The end of the meal might feel a bit abrupt. You could feel the urge to rush out as soon as possible, which is awkward.

After going through the list of pros and cons, you should be able to figure out for yourself which way works better for you. There is no definitive answer, so go with whichever options feels right.

Restaurant proposal ideas

Popping the big question will always be nerve-wracking, but it can be perfect with the right ideas and help. Here are some creative ideas to pop the question at the restaurant:

Restaurant proposal ideas
Man on one knee proposing. Photo:, @rodnaeproductions
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  • Have the ring on a plate. Have the waiter come to your table with what seems to be both your meals in hand. Your partner's plate can have "Will you marry me?" written beautifully in a chocolate sauce. Have the engagement ring at the centre and go down on your knee.
  • Have the ring in a glass with a drink. The waiter can serve both of you the finest champagne or wine. As you are both about to take a sip, your partner should notice a ring twinkling at the bottom of the glass. However, make sure they don't take too big of a gulp and risk choking.
  • Present your partner with special mementoes. Have a few servers bring out special mementoes that are relevant to your relationship. Let the ring be among them and use it to propose.
  • Have the ring around a beautiful napkin. Write a heartfelt letter and wrap it with a napkin with the engagement ring holding it all together.
  • Go on a restaurant tour. This will work if these are places your partner has never been to. Have a private place at the end of the tour set up for your proposal.
  • Pop the question with the menu. You can have the question written in a menu. A question like "Yes, I think I'll have the "Will you marry me" soup as a starter," will give you a "yes".
  • Have the ring come with the bill. Most bills come in an envelope, and you can have the waiter put the ring in the same envelope. Next, have your partner check the amount; as she does this, get on your knees and ask the question.
  • Use music to propose. Serenade your partner with their favourite song at the restaurant as a surprise. Then, as the song ends, go down on your knees and ask for her hand in marriage.

Once you decide on the way you want to propose, here is a simple guide on what to do next:

  1. Choose a special restaurant. The choice of a restaurant will go a long way in setting the mood for the night. A restaurant that means something to both of you is ideal, even if it's not expensive.
  2. Decide whether to invite family and friends. You can decide to go solo or incorporate family and friends. Having other people can be a good surprise for your partner.
  3. Make a reservation and involve the restaurant manager. Make sure you reserve a table or tables in your name depending on the number of people coming for dinner. Restaurant proposals work well when you let the restaurant manager and team in on your plan.
  4. Have someone capture the moment. Have a photographer and videographer around to help you capture the moment for the future. The memories will be priceless in the future.
  5. Relax and enjoy the dinner. If the answer is yes, you can relax and bask as you countdown to your happily ever after.

Is it OK to propose at dinner?

Yes, it is OK to propose at dinner. You can choose to pop the question before or after the meal.

Is it better to propose at night or day?

Both night and day are OK for organising the engagement. Daytime is better if you want perfect pictures. On the other hand, nighttime is more intіmate when it comes to proposing.

What is the best time to propose?

The best time to propose is when you feel ready. After that, you and your partner should be at a point where you want to take the next step.

How do you propose on a dinner date?

You can have the waiter bring the ring on a plate for your partner. The waiter can also put the ring nicely on the table with a card, asking the question, "Will you marry me?"

What part of dinner do you propose?

You can propose before or after the meal. It all depends on your preference.

Is it weird to propose at a restaurant?

No. It is not weird to propose at a restaurant. It can only get weird if your partner says "no" because it is a public place.

A great proposal sets the tone for your future marriage; therefore, it should be perfect. Many people prefer proposing during dinner, but the question remains: should I propose before or after dinner? With this article, you should be able to find the right way for you.

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