72 fun double date ideas that everyone involved will enjoy

72 fun double date ideas that everyone involved will enjoy

A double date is a great option for people who are shy, slow to warm or feel awkward on a one-on-one date. On double dates, there is less pressure and fewer awkward minutes of silence. However, coming up with great double-date ideas can be challenging but not impossible. These double-date ideas are fun and will ensure you have a great time.

double date ideas
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Double dates are great for old couples and can come in handy for first dates or even a blind date. Of course, no one feels completely at ease with a stranger they are trying to impress. These great double-date ideas will ensure you bond with your partner perfectly and, at the same time, spend quality time with your friends.

Fun double date ideas

Double dates are a great way to bond with your friends and spice up your relationship. Keep scrolling for fun date ideas you can try.

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  • Go for karaoke on your next double date and enjoy the duets and serenades.
  • Mini golf is a great double romantic date idea for those who enjoy the sport.
  • Baseball, basketball, football or tennis matches are fun double date ideas for any sports lover.
  • Foraging outings.
  • Attend a film festival with another couple and learn more about the latest films.
  • Drop into open mic night with another couple and have a good laugh.
  • Spice things up with a good laugh at a comedy club with your favourite couple.
  • Go to the park with another couple for a game of ultimate Frisbee.
  • Have a video game competition.

Cute double date ideas

fun double date ideas
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You may be wondering what to do on a double date; no need to worry. The list below has the cutest double-date ideas you can try.

  • Aquariums aren't just for kids; couples can have fun too.
  • Bonding with a group of couples over food is pretty cool, so it's practically made for group picnics.
  • If you and another couple are dog parents, you can take them to the park together.
  • Swimming is one of the best ideas to try. You can even compete against each other.
  • Ziplining is a great idea to try for your favourite people.
  • Kayaking is great when you and your friends love water.
  • Playing golf is one of the best conversation starters, especially when it's with the person you like.
  • Go and watch a play by a local theatre troupe with another couple.
  • Visit the museums as couples as they make fun date ideas, especially when they're free.
  • See a magic show with another couple and enjoy the magic.

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Best double date ideas

Going on a double date can spice up a relationship or be a great start to a new one. Some of the best double date ideas are listed below.

  • Hold a joint yard sale together, complete with a lemonade stand.
  • Meeting up for Sunday brunch with your favourite couple.
  • Organise a game night with other couples and have a blast.
  • Have a couple join you in attending the off-Broadway musical that's in town.
  • Go to a comedy club in your area; it may offer free improv or stand-up nights, both of which make funny and fun group meeting ideas.
  • Picking fruit at your closest orchard or field that allows pick-your-own outings.
  • Whether it's ice skating or roller skating, both are great fun for a double meeting idea.
  • Pedal boating with another couple is a level playing field that requires no skill—all you have to do is pedal!
  • Concerts for your favourite musicians.

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Good double date ideas

good double date ideas
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Are you looking for good double date ideas? Here is a list of good ideas for your next double date.

  • Take a road trip together with other couples.
  • Cook dinner for your couple of friends at your place.
  • Try a new fitness class together, like yoga, Pilates, or cycling.
  • Visiting a national park you've had on your bucket list, inviting another couple along for the journey is a great choice.
  • You can hold an online cooking class with a couple you like.
  • Taking food tours as couples
  • You can hold an online mixology class with other couples.
  • Meet up for a virtual whiskey tasting for whiskey lovers.
  • Drink wine and draw.
  • Create vision boards that outline your personal and relationship goals.

Double date ideas for married couples

What would be your craziest date ideas? Double meetings are great for married couples as they spice up the romance. Here are some great ideas for married couples planning a double date.

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  • Go for walk tours in your area with another couple.
  • Bond with your partner and a fellow couple while doing good by volunteering on your next double romantic meeting.
  • Host a movie date night with your favourite couple.
  • Bring together your favourite couple and sign up for a fun race together.
  • Visiting a flea market as couples can be a mixed bag; you never know what you'll find.
  • Plan for a picnic together.
  • Take a walk through a botanical garden with another couple and enjoy the plants and flowers.
  • Find the best ice cream in your area and invite another couple for some scopes.
  • Take your significant other to the spa to unwind.

Fun things to do on double dates

best double date ideas
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Who pays on a double date? You should always offer to split the bill even if you have been invited to the double date. Here are some ideas for some double-date activities you can borrow.

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  • Check out the exhibits at your local art gallery and bond over your favourite pieces.
  • Go for a couples photoshoot to freshen up your photo album.
  • Take a hike with other couples to a nearby trail.
  • Play high ropes course with your partner and friends.
  • Go to an amusement park.
  • Rock climbing.
  • A group dance class is a great idea.
  • Head out sailing in the sea with another couple.
  • Go roller skating with another couple.
  • Winery tours and tasting.

Things to do on a double date

What should you not do on a double date? While going on a double date, you should not indulge in conflicts. If you are inviting a friend couple, you can consider doing the following things for maximum fun.

  • Invite another couple for a barbecue.
  • Hold a baking day on weekends.
  • Play a game of Pictionary.
  • Playing a monopoly game is among the things to do for a double date.
  • Virtual wine tastings during the evening.
  • Create a scavenger hunt with another couple.
  • Hold a dance challenge.

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Places to go on a double date

places to go on a double date
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There are many options for places you can go on a double date. Here are a few options for your next double date.

  • Going camping makes for a great extended double date idea.
  • Going on a bike ride is a pleasant way to bond with your friends on your next double date.
  • The zoo is a great venue if you're an animal lover.
  • An escape room game on a double date is the perfect idea for a double date.
  • Bowling is an exciting, engaging and classic date idea for couples and groups of all sizes.
  • Beach volleyball is a fun and free option, as long as you have a beach nearby to do it.
  • Go-kart racing is a great idea to engage in.
  • Take a walk on the beach with your partner and friends.
  • Go ice skating and have fun with other couples.
  • Host free trivia nights, making this a cheap date idea if you're willing to buy a few drinks.

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When it comes to having fun, there is plenty of fun double date ideas to explore. No matter the couples' interests or budget, there are great double-date ideas to suit them.

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