Massive reactions as this artist uses little girl's hands to make great painting (video)

- An African artist, Bou Bou, has made a brilliant work as he painted a portrait in an upside-down position

- While painting, Bou slapped his hands against the palms of a little girl who had dipped her hands into colour

- After he was done with the work, he changed the position of the canvas to reveal what he has been working on

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A Senegalese artist, Bou Bou, has gone viral as he employed a little girl's palms to create an amazing one-of-a-kind piece.

During the painting session, the girl would dip her palms into the colour palette and the artist would do the same thing.

To achieve a creative pattern, the artist would slap at the palms of the girl then apply it on the canvas.

He did this repeatedly until he achieved the portrait he set out on. What makes his work amazing was not only that he carried them out without a brush, but that he painted everything upside down.

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The clip has been watched on Twitter over two million times as people are asking how he went about making such beautiful work with his hands.

Watch the video below:

A Twitter user asked him to reveal his source of strength, seeing that his skillfulness is not an everyday thing.

Below are some of the comments the post got:

@Bee_dessa2 said:

"How do you do this with just handprints, every time you just keep raising the bar high man ... it's flawless absolutely beautiful man ..."

@glenthecreator said:

"Challenge accepted, oh Beautiful, wise great one."

@The_Zionite said:

"Raw! I love your work passionately."

@CyrusTheRebel1 said:

"This dudes painting vids never disappoint. Never."

@Sammysplendor said:

"And the little girl was just busy painting her hands."

@EngrOkonkwoSol1 said:

"You are out of this World. You are doing Incredible stuff. Even Leonardo Da Vinci will be envious!!!"

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