Tremendoc: A doctor-on-demand app launches, unveils its brand ambassador Osas Ighodaro

In Nigeria today, millions of citizens are constantly on the move and often times they are too busy to sit in waiting rooms for hours to consult with a medical doctor or healthcare specialist. Affordability and accessibility to quality healthcare is also a huge challenge in Nigeria as well.

Earlier this year, the World Health Organisation released statistics showing that there are four medical doctors to every 10,000 Nigerians. With an estimation of four doctors for every 10,000 inhabitants in the country, more than 40,000 of 75,000 registered medical doctors in Nigeria are practicing outside the country while 70% of the medical doctors in the country are either unemployed or have taken up side jobs to survive. Needless to say, the doctor to patient ratio is alarmingly low in Nigeria and one can imagine how crowded hospitals can be across the country especially in the more urbanized areas.

In response to this, founder of Tremendoc, Jay Chikezie, who is also the co-founder of Nairabox relaunched an application that has the capacity to revolutionise the healthcare sector of Nigeria on the 21st of August.

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The new app, named Tremendoc, is designed to provide a convenient and affordable avenue for users to access licensed doctors one on one at any time of the day via audio call, video call or text. Not only is a healthier life just an app away, doctors also have a convenient avenue to consult. In other words, Tremendoc provides quality healthcare literally at your fingertips. To drive this narrative, Osas Ighodaro, has joined the Tremendoc team as the brand ambassador.

Award winning actress, humanitarian and philanthropist Osas Ighodaro, years ago lost both her sister and her unborn child to the common disease, malaria, she firmly believes early and proper diagnosis would have prevented this tragic and life changing incident. This is why she is so passionate about what Tremendoc stands for.

After dealing with the traumatic experience of losing my sister, I knew that something had to change in Nigeria’s healthcare system. That's why I'm so on board with the release of the Tremendoc app. It could have helped my sister and it can help so many lives across Nigeria,” says Osas Ighodaro.

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According to the founder of Tremendoc, Jay Chikieze: “Tremendoc is the best solution to Nigeria's healthcare issue. Its fast, it's affordable and and its super convenient. It's literally as convenient as chatting to friends on social media. I felt it was important to create and promote this app to improve the landscape of the country's health sector and create a better and healthier Nigeria.”

To use Tremendoc, Simply download the application from the App store or Play store. First time users have the opportunity for a free 30 day trial that gives them access to licensed doctors 24/7, through video call, audio call or chat. After the trial is over, they can decide to carry on with the service with a subscription fee of N1000/monthly.

Tremendoc...the new doctor in your pocket.


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