BTA in Nigeria and criteria for getting it

Not everyone knows this, but if you have to travel somewhere for business matters or to work for a foreign company, you may not have to worry about your bills. This is called the Business Travel Allowance, and any Nigerian citizen can get it. So, what is the traveling allowance and how does it work?

What is BTA?

The travel allowance is a payment from the company inviting you for work where they cover your travelling expenses. Often this benefit covers such things as, accommodation, food, and transport. You can receive this payment before or after a business trip.

What does this benefit cover?

If you’re going overseas or heading to any other city, your travel allowance will cover:

Things to remember

The acceptable allowance for travel provided by the Central Bank of Nigeria is available to any citizen of Nigeria, who decided to go on vacation or business trip outside of the country. $ 4,000 is provided on a quarterly basis for a personal trip, and $ 5,000 is the quarterly allowance for business trips.

Due to the existing limit on the use of funds with Naira Debit and Credit Cards (MasterCard and Visa) from 40 000 to 150 000 USD per year with a monthly return to CBN, customers wishing to access PTA / BTA should not have a Naira Debit / Credit (MasterCard and VISA).

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The first tourist card:

For customer convenience, during personal/business trips (PTA/BTA) one can now use payment card in addition to the option of using cash.


The requirements for getting BTA.

Criteria of BTA from Nigeria

School fees and travel for medical purposes

The following criteria must be met to qualify for FX for School Fees application.

As you can see, it is all fairly easy. Be sure to check the company’s policy to find out what things are covered under the BTA.

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